My Week #6...

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday morning again, the weeks seem to drag and the weekends pass in the blink of an eye. It's only 10:45am and already I feel like the day has gone, when in reality it's not even really begun. On the weekends I have this internal dilemma of do I get up early and have a really productive day or do I lounge around, stay in bed late and do nothing but blog and watch films? Of course each weekend there is a massive to do list anyway, there always will be with the amount of animals I have. 

Today I think I'm going for a combination of the two, I plan to basically ebay everything. It's time to de-clutter and hopefully make a bit of money! There will be everything from handbags, shoes, clothes and everything else I want to go! There may even be a naughty black rabbit on there. I jest, but he was a seriously naughty bunny last night. 

This week due to the weather (and because Basil/Rocky chewed our internet cable) I bought a massive fabric animal pen. Its gigantic! Anyway, due to the storm the plan was for Bertie to be kept in it at night and the Guinea Pigs to be in there in the day time. This worked well for the first day but last night Bertie was a right pain. He's chewed the doors in protest of being in there. I guess this is another chore for today - fix the pen.

This week I've mostly been wearing this collared jumper from ASOS, it was only £8 in the sale. The white has sold out now, but there are the black ones still available as of this morning. I wish I'd picked up 2 with the amount of times I have worn it in just one week.

Whilst browsing youtube the other day I thought I would have a quick look back at my neglected little channel. I haven't filmed in 6 months, it's odd because I do enjoy youtube but I just haven't been in the right frame of mine. Then when I wanted to start up again - my camera broke. Great. I started to watch old vlogs of all my birthdays and just sat and smiled. I now realise how much vlogging helps you remember things and even though at the time it feels like the most embarrassing thing in the world - they are awesome to look back on. Somehow youtube seems to have put a weird stabilisation thing on my videos - how can I get rid of it?! It makes my videos look weird!!

Annoyingly my camera is still not back from Currys aka camera hospital. Which means I haven't been able to take blogging pictures for two weeks now... argh! Hence the iphone shots for this week's post. Although, without these I wouldn't have the cutest pictures of Basil all snug and the hamster I am missing so much at the moment, Gusgus.



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  1. So tempted to get that fabric pen for my bunny, might stop him from chewing everything in site. Also, Basil and Rocky look super cute :)

  2. Oh, how annoying about the chewing of the pen!