My Week #7... Bathing Guinea Pigs

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Not really much to report this week, as per usual.. I'm not really sure what the point in these posts are, I might start changing it to a monthly post? There may be more to actually write about then!

Yesterday I did something that secretly I have been looking forward to for ages. Giving Basil and Rocky their first bath. It was an interesting experience, Basil freaked out the moment I put him in the water (they had a towel to stand on in there) and wanted to jump out at any given opportunity. The only way he would settle is having his legs on my arm. Which meant washing him was really difficult. Once he was warmed up again and drying on a hot water bottle it was the turn of my little monster Rocky.

I thought Rocky would be the worse out of the two if I'm honest, he's always a bit more fiesty. However he LOVED it, and if you click my instagram link below you will see a video of him washing himself a treat. He was happily splashing around in the water andI only took him out because the water got too cold. 

I actually filmed a youtube video today, which I'm trying to work out how to upload on a Mac, any tips - HELP. So click the youtube link below and subscribe so hopefully you can watch it when it uploads... ps. it contains these two :)

Hope you have has an awesome week!



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