My Week #7... Keeping Christmas...

Sunday, 23 February 2014

I blog tonight from our new laptop - yes that's right we have a fully working laptop again! After Curry's ballsed up a lot of things this week I also have my camera back - so I'm no ready to go full steam ahead... except, it's hard to use a windows computer after working on Macs in work! Windows 8 is well weird.

I have a whole new lease of life with blogging and youtube (I uploaded for the first time in 6 months last week), I have every idea noted down and a blog redesign in the near future. All I want to do is snap, film and blog away.

This weekend has been very productive. A full deep clean of the flat whilst Matt was at work happened all before 10:30am on Saturday, which left the rest of the day to spend with family. I hadn't seen my cousins in ages and they hadn't met my guinea pigs so a fun time was had for all.

Whilst sitting and blogging yesterday I realised that there were a few Christmas things in our living room that you wouldn't know were from Christmas, that were too nice to get rid of come January. First off is the heart fairy lights, arguably not the most festive but we bought them at Christmas and rather than adorn our fireplace they now hide lots of cables on the floor. Being battery powered is so handy because they can go anywhere and not take up valuable plug space. Wilkos you came up trumps here!

Another Wilko purchase from 2013 is these two mini real Christmas trees. To which Bertie has taken quite the fancy to, so now have significantly less branches than they did in the store. Replanted from the red pots they came in, we've planted them in a wooden bowl with a small ivy - they don't look out of place and means we can keep them. I just need to remember to water them... I should probably stick to a cactus.

Last but not least another set of lights which were just £1.50 from Sainsburys, Their new home is inside a milk bottle that has owls on it. You've guessed it, that was from Wilkos too, they are on top form with home goodies!

Have you kept around any hints of Christmas?



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