My Week #12... Where have I been?

Monday, 31 March 2014
A day late with this post and a week with not a peep from me on my blog. I've really missed it, but this week has seen me get left with no time at all to blog. Let me take you on a walkthrough of my week...

Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal, I just didn't blog. I thought I'd scheduled posts but I was wrong and only really realised come Wednesday.

I spent the day in Bristol Zoo! We had a team building exercise there which as you can imagine I was stupidly happy about. The objective of the day was to work as a team and come up with a business plan to generate extra income for the zoo to go towards their conservation efforts. Our idea focussed on the Gorillas as that is what the zoo is focussing on this year for their marketing. I was tasked with filming the gorillas for our advert and it was awesome just to stand there and watch them. They are so human like the little one even wrapped himself up in that white piece of fabric like a scarf. 

Thursday night I took part in the CEO Sleep out - Cardiff, which I am going to do a post all about. It was one of the hardest things that I have ever done but in reality it was nothing compared to actually being homeless. We were safe inside the walls of Cardiff Castle after hours of fun and music, even equipped with sleeping bags and warm clothes - yet I was still freezing, felt unsafe and very lonely. Our Just Giving Page is here, and if you could donate that would be awesome. 

On Saturday I actually had time to go to the Cardiff Spring Blogger Meet and it was just awesome. I had to take Rocky to the vets in the morning and I wasn't sure I would have time, but being as he doesn't have to have his foot chopped off I wasn't there as long as I thought. More on the whole day in another post!

Anywho, hope you have all had a good week!



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My Week #11... Getting Creative

Sunday, 23 March 2014
This last week has been such a tiring one. Busy times topped up with a day in London on Thursday - I am officially pooped. We went to London for a course which was actually pretty amazing. I learnt lots but it's just such a long day. We'd left Cardiff at 6am and I finally got back home at 10pm - insane day.

The tiredness carried on and yesterday I looked after my two cousins. They are just awesome and really brightened my week! We spent the morning cleaning out my many animals which went faster than usual with the extra help. For lunch we headed to the local pub and ended the afternoon with our Nan in the local farm shop drinking coffee and hot chocolate, eating cakes (lemon drizzle) and playing with all sorts of animals on the farm. If you click on my instagram link a the bottom of the post you will see a picture of me and a goat!

Also this last week I decided to get my DIY on and upcycle (really basically) an old whiteboard. I'd bought this whiteboard years ago, I think it actually cost me £2 from Wilkinson (Wilko) which is great, but then I just realised that it looked so cheap that I never wanted to display it anywhere. After seeing so many people blogging about how they give things a new lease of life with a little bit of paint I decided to give it a go. 

If you have watched my homebase haul you'll see all the bits that I picked up for this. Basically it's just some sample pots of paint, sponges and masking tape.
All I did was give the board a good clean, tape around the edges, roughly paint with the brush inside the paint pot and then finished the edges with an old makeup brush.

I went with the pale blue colour because I am having a 'I love pastels' phase at the moment, but if I change my mind I can just sand the paint off and re-do it. Especially as the small paint pots are only around £1.

The only problem? I now want to paint everything. I'm trying to find my next DIY mission....

I might buy another one of these boards to write all my animal related things on there.

Have you up-cycled something recently?



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ROGUE by Rihanna...

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Last week I had one of those really annoying letters pop in my letter box, the ones where the postman has been with a nice parcel for you but you weren't in and now it's awaiting collection in the local depo. Confused as I hadn't ordered anything I headed on over just in time before it would have been sent back to sender!

To my surprise inside was a bottle of ROGUE by Rihanna*. Quite the treat for someone who never uses any other perfume than the bottles of Suddenly from Lidl. As I've mentioned many times before on my blog I'm really not into perfumes, or much of a perfume person to know the difference between base notes and all the other phrases I hear talked about when watching perfume reviews.

Naturally in my case I'll start of with the look, something I can most definitely talk about. The colours are something that really stood out for me, the rose gold perfume itself and the black and grey lid, this bottle really does look nice on a dressing table. I'm not a fan of the huge writing on the front, but it does fit in with the rose hues of the perfume.

This is where things get a little complicated, how to I describe a perfume without knowing what I'm talking about. What I do know, is this perfume smells very sweet. As we are approaching the warmer (please hurry up) weather I think this would be a nice day perfume. It's not what I expected a Rihanna perfume to smell like, I was expecting something.... sexier?

A good day perfume overall, doesn't last very long though - so I do top up a couple of times throughout the day. But it has been a nice change from my trusty Lidl's special!

Have you had a wiff of ROGUE?



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Loreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer...

Friday, 21 March 2014

When it comes to make up there are always those items that I class as complete essentials; concealer, foundation, mascara. Then there are those that I use everyday but could still just as easily forget; bronzer, eyeshadow, setting powder. Finally there are those products that I have loads of but never use regularly; blusher, eyeliner, setting powder and highlighters.

Highlighters (and blushers) are rarely seen on my face so I have no idea why I needed this one. Yet again the power of blogs and youtube made me do it. With a little help from the boots 3 for 2 offer. I know that on the packaging it says a primer, but judging from all the posts around most people just use this as a liquid highlighter anyway.

The consistency of this is so runny which means you have to be very careful in how much you pump out, there has been a few ocassions where I have used too much and a lot has gone to waste. However when I do get the right amount, a few dabs of my beauty blender and I have good to go with nicely highlighted cheeks!

What's your favourite highlighter?



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The VO5 Dry Texturising Spray...

Thursday, 20 March 2014

After hearing all about the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray all over blogs and youtube, seeing how it made hair mahoosive and craving that look - I caved in buying a texturising spray. However there was no way on this planet that I was going to spend £50 on a glorified hair spray. Nuh uh. My google search then turned to "Oribe Dupes" and two were the most common. The Charles Worthington one and the VO5 Give me texture spray.

Clearly from the photo you can tell I went for the VO5 option, I did want to buy them both and do a comparison but my local boots didn't have it in stock. It's not all bad though because I seem to have fallen in love with the VO5 offering.

The spray is like a very fine wax, but leaves your hair as dry as it was before. There is no sticky residue when applied which is nice as I hate that crispy hair feeling some products leave you with. The longer my hair gets the more flatter it is, so a good spritz of this really helps liven things up.

I also love spraying this before curling my hair to add a little grit which helps hold the curls. This has been another problem since my hair has hit a certain length, curls just do not seems to stay and I hate going mental with the hairspray because as I said before I hate that crispy feeling. 

Without going overboard with the compliments, the is ace and I would 100% recommend it.

Do you have a favourite texturising spray? Am I missing out on any others?



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Maybelline Big Eyes...

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

There is something pretty awesome about finding and amazing mascara, one that lengthens and thickens. Sadly, the Big Eyes from Maybelline just doesn't cut the mustard (I think that's what the saying is).

I almost didn't write this review because I could probably sum this review up in one sentence, so I'm going to try and elaborate just a little. The packaging is ok, but I don't like how much of the wand you have to hold to do your mascara because you are pretty much holding the whole thing when you use it. 

The forumla feels far too thin for my liking. I have to just sit there and coat and coat my lashes to get some sort of coverage. The only good thing is that this dries really quickly so I've not had any smudging. 

The comb for the bottom lashes just doesn't work for me either, I just don't use it. No product gets transferred to my lashes so it just seems like a waste of time.

Woah what a negative nelly there!

Have you used it before?
I do wonder if it would get better as the mascara dries out...we shall see.



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My Week #10... Charli Blogs...

Sunday, 16 March 2014

So, something's a little different around here tonight. I am no longer Charli Dot Dot Dot. I am now "Charli Blogs" and I've even bought my own domain name, how snazzy.

After a mini meltdown around 5pm where I thought I had actually killed my blog, I'm happy to say it's all sorted :). I've kept my twitter and instagram the same but my facebook and youtube have changed.

I felt the time had come for a change, the dot thing had got right on my nerves and changing the name was something I had toyed with for a while. The only thing I couldn't do was change my youtube URL, annoying.

I've even filmed and uploaded a youtube video tonight too. It's been a productive day which was nice. Although now I am wondering where the hell the weekend has gone and hate that it's Monday already. I've got a busy week ahead with a trip to London in there too.

What do you think to the new name?


An Evening with Miss Selfridge at John Lewis...

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Last week I got invited to an evening at John Lewis with Miss Selfridge to show off some of their new collections for spring/summer 2014. It was a lovely evening, especially as we were treated to demos from Japonesque and Liz Earl.
I was joined by the lovely SJ (aka cowbiscuits) and we sipped the night away on orange juice, macaroons and some awesome fruit platters. 

There were three themes shown, my favourite being monochrome and there were a fair few awesome pieces that I now want in my wardrobe! Along with a million items from Japonesque, especially the powders and a brown eyeshadow quad. I pretty much fell in love with the eyeshadow quad after watching the demo.

Finally treats from Liz Earl, the three sets have only just been released and we got to have a sneaky peak the day before the launch. My favourite was the Jasmine scent and we were treated to an amazing arm and hand massage. SJ and I were trying to come up with ideas to ckea back in and have another one, but we had to leave to make sure we were bright and breezy for work the next day.

Right now, I'm sat watching the Wales rugby game and planning on things I want to pick up from boots - oops.

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday.


MUA Luxe Glitter Eyeshadow...

Wednesday, 12 March 2014



Here's a product that I had such high hopes for. I guess that's a bit of a spoiler in terms of what I actually think of the MUA Luxe Glitter Eyeshadow!! 

Bought on a whim to get free delivery in my MUA haul, I really didn't need or have the occasion to wear such a glittery product on my eyes but the magpie within prevailed.

For a start the colours are actually alright; a gold, deep bronze, rose gold and a silver. A good selection of neutrals with all bases covered. However that's all I like about this. Each of the glitters are suspended in a thick clear gel which is reminiscent of things I used to use as face paint as a kid. On top of that it's so thick that is is uncomfortable on the eye and if you try and use a thin layer the glitter is so sparse it just looks plain silly.

Creasing is another problem I had, within a few moments the glitter had all risen to the crease of my eye and no amount of blending could solve it. They left my eyes feeling uncomfortable and sticky, not nice.

To be honest I think if you are a face painter then these would be awesome to have in your kit, fancy dress - yes, normal wear? Just not for me.

Have you tried the MUA Luxe Glitter Eyeshadows?



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How to save money and your looks by kicking the habit                                 
Everyone has their own particular favourite purchases that they simply can’t live without. Whether it’s clothes, make up, or that bar of chocolate at the end of the week (although in reality, secretly each day!) there’s something we all feel that we just can’t live without. For some people, that can be cigarettes, something that can start as a ‘treat’ but then becomes a habit through addiction. It’s certainly not cheap either, with an average 20 a day smoker spending around £8 on a pack each day which is around £56 a week! Couple that with the fact that it’s something that’s damaging your health and is the largest, preventable cause of early death in the UK, it could prove extremely costly.

One thing that’s proving extremely popular and is a healthier alternative are electronic cigarettes such as those offered by Freshcig. They come in an array of styles and have a variety of e-liquids with flavours including tobacco, chocolate and even Pina Colada.

Saving by switching

Switching to e-cigs means that you can still afford life’s little luxuries due to the money you save:

·       10 a day smoker can save around £100 a month (£1,240 a year)
·       20 a day smoker can save around £200 a month (£2,400 a year)
·       30 a day smoker can save around £300 a month (£3,600 a year)
·       40 a day smoker can save a huge £425 a month (£5,100 a year)

Imagine having that extra cash. And it’s not just life’s little luxuries you can afford when you start totting up the figures over the years! After 5 years a 20 a day smoker who’s switched to e-cigs could afford a brand new Fiat 500S costing £10,160 and have £1,840 left over or contribute towards a deposit for a mortgage. And with you being able to save about £24,000 in 10 years, it’s certainly enough to make you think why you haven’t switched sooner.

What about my looks?

If you’re into beautifying and taking care of your appearance then another reason to stop smoking is the damage it can do to your looks. When you smoke a cigarette it restricts the amount of Oxygen and nutrients that get to your skin which means that it can lose its healthy glow, the chemicals released from the smoke can also cause wrinkles.  Thinning hair is another thing smoking contributes to with your hair appearing to have less volume and shine as it’s also starved of valuable nutrients, trying to cover up the effects means even more time spent getting ready!

What do you think?

So overall, it’s definitely not worth smoking (if anyone had any doubts about that before!) and with the amounts of money to be saved alone, it’s surely incentive enough… If you’ve tried electronic cigarettes or given up smoking then tell your story and experience in the comments below, it would be great to hear what you think!

* Sponsored Article written by Freshcig

New In My Wardrobe...

Monday, 10 March 2014
Jumper - ASOS

Shirt - River Island

A little post for a Monday morning giving you a little insight to the newbies that have mysteriously made their way into my wardrobe over the past couple of weeks. In reality their have been a fair few other things since I last did a clothing haul but these three are my favourites.

My amazing ASOS jumper that was only £8 in the sale. This has become a favourite for work, the white means that it goes with everything and the collar smartens up the jumper making it a great one for if I have a meeting. If I have one thing I don't like about it - it's the length. The jumper is really short and the only way I can wear it is with high waisted skirts.

Next up a very important staple in my wardrobe, the black shirt. This time from the River Island sale. I think this was only £10, possibly even cheaper. I love the military style of the shirt and it has two massive pocket details on the front adding that little something something. I think it's just opaque enough not to have to wear a cami underneath.

And finally, how awesome is the print on this skirt?! I thought this would be perfect for spring, especially with a pale pink jumper, crisp white shirt... the possibilities are endless! At the moment it's a little too short for me to want to wear in the cold. Even with tights. 

What new clothes have you been buying recently?



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My Week #9... The Sunday Pamper, on film...

Sunday, 9 March 2014

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MAC Cherry Lipliner...

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Oh welcome to my life my perfect pinky red lip liner. I have craved this lip liner for a good year now after seeing numerous people use it as a full lip colour. I picked it up for £10 at Gatwick Airport  before boarding the plane to Mexico back in October. 

Along with the intention of using this as a lip colour on it's own I wanted to find a lip liner that would work well with all the red lipsticks I own. After seeing so much of it on blogs I knew that this would be the way to go. 

The first uses I had of this was on holiday in the boiling heat and humidity, well it didn't budge. I'd apply it around 6/7pm when getting ready for dinner and it would still look perfect at 11pm after eating and drinking with no touch ups. As a full lip colour it is very matte and borderline drying, for me this is perfect. I love matte lips because for me that means no touch ups all day. But if this isn't the look that you want a bit of lip balm over the top will completely change the look.

As a liner, it does the job perfectly keeping my lipstick on my lips and not all over my face making me look like a clown - this has happened. Rimmel Apocolips I'm looking at you. I haven't needed to sharpen it yet, this is where the pencil could go all sorts of wrong - I don't have the best track record with sharpeners, but at the moment. It's love.



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Taking my nails back to basics...

Monday, 3 March 2014

This weekend I did something that I haven't done in a long time and that is cut my nails right down. Not down to "boy nail" length - that's what I call it when one of my nails rips down, but to a length that gets rid of all the flakey-ness. Just look at that middle photo. I'm ashamed that my nails even got that bad. In my defence I hadn't left the house with them like that, this was after 3 hours of cleaning the flat,, cleaning out some very messy guinea pigs, six hamsters and a rabbit. So I have a justification for the state they are in. 

I had been trying to grow my nails but ran out of OPI Nail Envy and other base coats just weren't cutting it. Whilst browsing on ASOS I saw this Rimmel Nail Nurse and (especially as it was on offer) I decided that it was a dupe for Nail Envy and added it to my basket. I think it's still in the sale too!

So far so good. Very easy to apply and leaves a lovely pearly finish to my nails. Whilst I can't comment on the long term wear of this just yet, it does make applying a polish on top a lot easier because it smooths out the ridges in my nails. Nail polishes tend to chip less too which is always a bonus.

Fingers crossed it's a winner.

Any tips on growing nails?



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