Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How to save money and your looks by kicking the habit                                 
Everyone has their own particular favourite purchases that they simply can’t live without. Whether it’s clothes, make up, or that bar of chocolate at the end of the week (although in reality, secretly each day!) there’s something we all feel that we just can’t live without. For some people, that can be cigarettes, something that can start as a ‘treat’ but then becomes a habit through addiction. It’s certainly not cheap either, with an average 20 a day smoker spending around £8 on a pack each day which is around £56 a week! Couple that with the fact that it’s something that’s damaging your health and is the largest, preventable cause of early death in the UK, it could prove extremely costly.

One thing that’s proving extremely popular and is a healthier alternative are electronic cigarettes such as those offered by Freshcig. They come in an array of styles and have a variety of e-liquids with flavours including tobacco, chocolate and even Pina Colada.

Saving by switching

Switching to e-cigs means that you can still afford life’s little luxuries due to the money you save:

·       10 a day smoker can save around £100 a month (£1,240 a year)
·       20 a day smoker can save around £200 a month (£2,400 a year)
·       30 a day smoker can save around £300 a month (£3,600 a year)
·       40 a day smoker can save a huge £425 a month (£5,100 a year)

Imagine having that extra cash. And it’s not just life’s little luxuries you can afford when you start totting up the figures over the years! After 5 years a 20 a day smoker who’s switched to e-cigs could afford a brand new Fiat 500S costing £10,160 and have £1,840 left over or contribute towards a deposit for a mortgage. And with you being able to save about £24,000 in 10 years, it’s certainly enough to make you think why you haven’t switched sooner.

What about my looks?

If you’re into beautifying and taking care of your appearance then another reason to stop smoking is the damage it can do to your looks. When you smoke a cigarette it restricts the amount of Oxygen and nutrients that get to your skin which means that it can lose its healthy glow, the chemicals released from the smoke can also cause wrinkles.  Thinning hair is another thing smoking contributes to with your hair appearing to have less volume and shine as it’s also starved of valuable nutrients, trying to cover up the effects means even more time spent getting ready!

What do you think?

So overall, it’s definitely not worth smoking (if anyone had any doubts about that before!) and with the amounts of money to be saved alone, it’s surely incentive enough… If you’ve tried electronic cigarettes or given up smoking then tell your story and experience in the comments below, it would be great to hear what you think!

* Sponsored Article written by Freshcig

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