MAC Cherry Lipliner...

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Oh welcome to my life my perfect pinky red lip liner. I have craved this lip liner for a good year now after seeing numerous people use it as a full lip colour. I picked it up for £10 at Gatwick Airport  before boarding the plane to Mexico back in October. 

Along with the intention of using this as a lip colour on it's own I wanted to find a lip liner that would work well with all the red lipsticks I own. After seeing so much of it on blogs I knew that this would be the way to go. 

The first uses I had of this was on holiday in the boiling heat and humidity, well it didn't budge. I'd apply it around 6/7pm when getting ready for dinner and it would still look perfect at 11pm after eating and drinking with no touch ups. As a full lip colour it is very matte and borderline drying, for me this is perfect. I love matte lips because for me that means no touch ups all day. But if this isn't the look that you want a bit of lip balm over the top will completely change the look.

As a liner, it does the job perfectly keeping my lipstick on my lips and not all over my face making me look like a clown - this has happened. Rimmel Apocolips I'm looking at you. I haven't needed to sharpen it yet, this is where the pencil could go all sorts of wrong - I don't have the best track record with sharpeners, but at the moment. It's love.



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