My Week #10... Charli Blogs...

Sunday, 16 March 2014

So, something's a little different around here tonight. I am no longer Charli Dot Dot Dot. I am now "Charli Blogs" and I've even bought my own domain name, how snazzy.

After a mini meltdown around 5pm where I thought I had actually killed my blog, I'm happy to say it's all sorted :). I've kept my twitter and instagram the same but my facebook and youtube have changed.

I felt the time had come for a change, the dot thing had got right on my nerves and changing the name was something I had toyed with for a while. The only thing I couldn't do was change my youtube URL, annoying.

I've even filmed and uploaded a youtube video tonight too. It's been a productive day which was nice. Although now I am wondering where the hell the weekend has gone and hate that it's Monday already. I've got a busy week ahead with a trip to London in there too.

What do you think to the new name?



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  2. Loving the new name & the makeover, it looks fab! I hope you enjoyed London. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life