My Week #11... Getting Creative

Sunday, 23 March 2014
This last week has been such a tiring one. Busy times topped up with a day in London on Thursday - I am officially pooped. We went to London for a course which was actually pretty amazing. I learnt lots but it's just such a long day. We'd left Cardiff at 6am and I finally got back home at 10pm - insane day.

The tiredness carried on and yesterday I looked after my two cousins. They are just awesome and really brightened my week! We spent the morning cleaning out my many animals which went faster than usual with the extra help. For lunch we headed to the local pub and ended the afternoon with our Nan in the local farm shop drinking coffee and hot chocolate, eating cakes (lemon drizzle) and playing with all sorts of animals on the farm. If you click on my instagram link a the bottom of the post you will see a picture of me and a goat!

Also this last week I decided to get my DIY on and upcycle (really basically) an old whiteboard. I'd bought this whiteboard years ago, I think it actually cost me £2 from Wilkinson (Wilko) which is great, but then I just realised that it looked so cheap that I never wanted to display it anywhere. After seeing so many people blogging about how they give things a new lease of life with a little bit of paint I decided to give it a go. 

If you have watched my homebase haul you'll see all the bits that I picked up for this. Basically it's just some sample pots of paint, sponges and masking tape.
All I did was give the board a good clean, tape around the edges, roughly paint with the brush inside the paint pot and then finished the edges with an old makeup brush.

I went with the pale blue colour because I am having a 'I love pastels' phase at the moment, but if I change my mind I can just sand the paint off and re-do it. Especially as the small paint pots are only around £1.

The only problem? I now want to paint everything. I'm trying to find my next DIY mission....

I might buy another one of these boards to write all my animal related things on there.

Have you up-cycled something recently?



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1 comment:

  1. I love simple little upcycles like this, so satisfying but so easy!
    Spencer painted an old piece of wood with chalkboard paint for me while I was out with you guys yesterday which was cool. I tend to get creative in the Summer, I love sitting in the garden and painting away! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life