My Week #8... February Favourites...

Sunday, 2 March 2014


This week has absolutely flown by, the weekend even more so. It seems like only yesterday I was moaning that Monday had come around again, although I'm feeling the same tonight. This Sunday has been pretty awesome though. Daylight is actually here at 7 in the morning so I know getting up next week will be easier, we were both up and ready to go out at 9 this morning! Although this backfired because we realised that nothing opens until 10 on a Sunday.... fail.

After a quick trip to the supermarket we drove up the local aquatic centre to buy some more fish for our tropical tank. We settled on four Gouramis, two are peach, one is gold and the other silver and blue - they look amazing. Not surprising that shopping for animals is one of my favourite things to do, but I find it so relaxing strolling up and down looking at all the different fish. Today I learnt there is a breed of fish that actually have no eyes, they are super aggressive though and try and attack anything that comes near them. Honestly... I think they should have died out with survival of the fittest etc... they have no eyes!!

After that I went to see my friend who is back home for a couple of days, she's moved away to teach but when we catch up it feels like we only saw eachother yesterday. It's nice to have something that even though you don't see them often you still remain really close. I have a few friends like this. We had tea, cookies and cuddles with her crazy woofers, time flew by but it was the perfect way to spend my afternoon.

Currently I am waiting for my youtube video to upload. It's my February favourites video where I talk through why I love all those products up there ^. My ebay link is either on the side or below this post! It was a nightmare to film, taking ages to upload so who knows it may eventually go live tomorrow!

If you have done a February Favourites video or post please link me because they are my most favourite things to watch/read!

Hope you have had a lovely weekend...



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  1. A fish with no eyes - that's crazy!! Love your phone cover by the way - and I really need a kindle in my life!!

    Laura x