ROGUE by Rihanna...

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Last week I had one of those really annoying letters pop in my letter box, the ones where the postman has been with a nice parcel for you but you weren't in and now it's awaiting collection in the local depo. Confused as I hadn't ordered anything I headed on over just in time before it would have been sent back to sender!

To my surprise inside was a bottle of ROGUE by Rihanna*. Quite the treat for someone who never uses any other perfume than the bottles of Suddenly from Lidl. As I've mentioned many times before on my blog I'm really not into perfumes, or much of a perfume person to know the difference between base notes and all the other phrases I hear talked about when watching perfume reviews.

Naturally in my case I'll start of with the look, something I can most definitely talk about. The colours are something that really stood out for me, the rose gold perfume itself and the black and grey lid, this bottle really does look nice on a dressing table. I'm not a fan of the huge writing on the front, but it does fit in with the rose hues of the perfume.

This is where things get a little complicated, how to I describe a perfume without knowing what I'm talking about. What I do know, is this perfume smells very sweet. As we are approaching the warmer (please hurry up) weather I think this would be a nice day perfume. It's not what I expected a Rihanna perfume to smell like, I was expecting something.... sexier?

A good day perfume overall, doesn't last very long though - so I do top up a couple of times throughout the day. But it has been a nice change from my trusty Lidl's special!

Have you had a wiff of ROGUE?



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  1. I have never smelt this yet, would like to as I am a fan of one of her fragrances, which does last all day so this wins already.
    Becka | This Is My World

  2. I've not smelt this one but I do absolutely love her Rebl Fleur perfume so will have to give this one a sniff!
    I suck at describing fragrances too. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life