Taking my nails back to basics...

Monday, 3 March 2014

This weekend I did something that I haven't done in a long time and that is cut my nails right down. Not down to "boy nail" length - that's what I call it when one of my nails rips down, but to a length that gets rid of all the flakey-ness. Just look at that middle photo. I'm ashamed that my nails even got that bad. In my defence I hadn't left the house with them like that, this was after 3 hours of cleaning the flat,, cleaning out some very messy guinea pigs, six hamsters and a rabbit. So I have a justification for the state they are in. 

I had been trying to grow my nails but ran out of OPI Nail Envy and other base coats just weren't cutting it. Whilst browsing on ASOS I saw this Rimmel Nail Nurse and (especially as it was on offer) I decided that it was a dupe for Nail Envy and added it to my basket. I think it's still in the sale too!

So far so good. Very easy to apply and leaves a lovely pearly finish to my nails. Whilst I can't comment on the long term wear of this just yet, it does make applying a polish on top a lot easier because it smooths out the ridges in my nails. Nail polishes tend to chip less too which is always a bonus.

Fingers crossed it's a winner.

Any tips on growing nails?



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