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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Who wouldn't love pastel mugs with animals on? I bought these in my homebase haul, they were only around £1 each which makes them a perfect bargain. I really wish I had bout about 6 and a mug hanger to display them, but I didn't!

Another few things I picked up whilst in homebase and have pretty much loved are these three plants. The one thing that was really missing in  our flat was a little bit of greenery. I'd always hesitated in picking plants up because Matt has really bad hayfever.. so I worked off the assumption that he wouldn't be allergic to plants with flowers (and then couldn't resist the white flowers - oops!) so far so good and no sneezes. I just need to remember to water them.

A little genious invention I picked up is this headphone tidy from Breffo. This little bit of rubber has been great at keeping them not tangled (and tangled with loads of other things) in my bag! 

Finally this necklace from Juste Bijoux, I bought this last week and have worn it so much. I have been really craving the chain necklaces that are doing the rounds at the moment and this was the perfect fix. I like that the links are bigger than a typical chain necklace so it doesn't look like I've just followed the trend, at less than £8 too - it's a bargain.

What are you currently loving?

I have been so bad at blogging recently, work has been nuts. I'm still here I promise!



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  1. Lovely items - those mugs are great, such bargains! :)

  2. That necklace is gorgeous.
    Rubi x
    The Den

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    2. - Take a look Rubi.. £7.95!

  3. Headphone tidy, everyone needs one of these! My headphones get into a terrible state. Cute cups too

  4. I love plants and flowers dotted around the house, apparently it's good for you too!

  5. Ahh those mugs are so cute! <3

    Jennie xo |