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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Blonde hair means one thing for me - BLEACH. Which means one thing for my hair - DAMAGE. I love and hate it at the same time. I love being blonde, I think I feel more "me" (apart from when I have ombre) but it is such a b*tch to maintain and keep my hair looking healthy. 

When I have had blonde hair before I have tried to keep it in check by using a mild shampoo then hair masks all the time. This worked a little bit, but the intensive masks left my hair so weighed down that it looked really fine and thin (which it isn't!). Plus having a two women very close who are/were hairdressers my splits ends are under close inspection and were always commented on. 

In comes the recommendation of Reken, coupled with a Look Fantastic discount code and I bought the whole range. The Extreme Shampoo, Conditioner, CAT Treatment and Anti-Snap. I think the whole lot was around £40 as the first three came as a discounted set. Which is the most I have EVER spent on hair products, do I regret it - nope!

The shampoo is a gentle shampoo that doesn't lather up too much in my hair, saying that it leaves my hair feeling clean, not weighed down and in general is a good shampoo. I don't think I would repurchase the shampoo purely because I don't think it's the star of this range. A decent shampoo would get the same results I think. 

The conditioner, I love. It's thin but gives the same results as a thick conditioning treatment. I have used this on it's own (with another shampoo) to test it out and the results are pretty impressive. My hair is smoother and looks so much healthier. Rather than just looking healthier it feels it too!

The CAT treatment is a product that had me stumped at first. I have never used anything like it before and I was dubious as to what it would actually do. For a start you use it mid hair wash, inbetween your shampoo and conditioner. Then you spray on your hair and leave for five minutes before washing off. It's a protein treatment which acts deep within the hair rather than a mask which works on the outside of the hair. Since using this my hair feels stronger, but I only use this once a week - I don't want my hair to rely on it because apparently if you use it too much it stops working?

Finally. The star of the show and something that I will ALWAYS have to hand - Redken Anti Snap. Boy this thing is the shizz, I didn't actually think it would live up to the hype that it's been given but it does. A leave in conditioner that stops your hair snapping when you brush it, acts as a leave in conditioner and protects against split ends - you just don't need anything else. My hair is perfect after using this, just so perfect. Soft, strong and just so manageable. I can't sing it's praises highly enough.

The combination of all of these have just made my hair the best it's been since, well, forever.

Have you used the Redken range?



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