Real Techniques... Setting Brush

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

After being completely bowled over by the amazing-ness of the Real Techniques collection of brushes there was no question on whether I was going to pick this up when I spotted it on Amazon for a tiny price of £6. 

As always I didn't need another brush but the thinking was this brush would be perfect for highlight, setting powder, contour and even blusher. A few of those I got spot on. I love using the brush for highlight as the size of the brush means that it doesn't apply too much highlight powder but enough to leave you suitably glowy. Another perfect use is for setting my concealer under my eyes especially as it's so soft and makes me just want to stroke my face with it all day - weird?

A short but sweet ode to the newest addition to my brush bowl.



Sunday Slimming World... Charli Slims #4

Monday, 26 May 2014

By some miracle the past two weeks have no made a blind bit of difference and I maintained my first week loss of 3lbs. I have no idea how this happened but I was relieved. The feeling of dread as I waited to be weighed was huge and I hated it, I even asked the lady not to tell me my gain and just write it down and let me look after. But let's rewind to the beginning of these last two weeks. 

The day of my first weigh in I started to feel very achy and I knew I was coming down with a cold, the next day it hit and from the Thursday I couldn't breathe through my nose, was all light headed and shivery and just generally ill. As I couldn't taste anything I didn't really want to eat anything and I know I didn't eat enough even though I still tried to make "slimming world" choices. I didn't get to group that week as I explained in the last post so I don't know how that week affected me. 

The following week was "star week" which was just horrendous, whilst I didn't go mental with the food I did eat 4 cupcakes for my birthday (over 4 days!) and because I was in so much pain I couldn't go to the gym. Two weeks with no gym annoyed me because I was just getting into running and now it's so hard to get back into it, especially as this next week in work is going to be the busiest I think I will ever experience so that leaves me with little or no time in the gym.

All in all a pretty lame two weeks, hopefully things will start dropping off especially as my medication is pretty much responsible for the weight gain and I have made moves to come off them. 

I explain more in my video where I also celebrate a non scale victory, click the youtube link below.



Turning 24...

Tuesday, 20 May 2014
On Tuesday 13th May I turned 24, twenty four. That age used to sound so old when I was a teenager, but I don't feel old right now. I feel so young, certainly not old enough to have been driving for 7 years.
On my birthday we went up to West Midlands Safari Park but due to the window breaking in Matts car we had to leave pretty much as soon as we got there, however you get a free return visit within the year so on Sunday we travelled up again and I had the best day ever, post soon. I even vlogged.
 One of my favourite birthday presents this year comes in the form of the most delicate necklace and I've now discovered a new favourite brand of jewellery. Estella Bartlett can be found in places like John Lewis and I'd never heard of it before. The range is so delicate and beautiful but also affordable. I think I will spend some of my birthday money on a ring that matches my moon.
I also was very lucky and got gifted some of my favourite LUSH items. Ocean Salt is by far my most favourite body scrub and bubbles bars, well I just can't get enough of them. I love the comforter and it's a real gem when you want a good old soak in the bath, I'd love to have each bath with the amount of bubbles the bars make but then the other half of me wants to save them for a special occasion. 



Beachy Waves with the Remington Silk Waver...

Sunday Slimming World... Charli Slims #3

Sunday, 18 May 2014

I think how I have felt in this last week is accurately represented by the hamster in this picture. Whilst I hadn't gone off plan in any shape or form really I just felt huge and not motivated at all.

I had a horrific cold which meant I couldn't taste things and I couldn't go to the gym! This was particularly annoying because I was just getting into running and feeling the sense of achievement that I was getting as I was running for longer periods of time.

I couldn't even go to weigh-in because I had to stay behind in work to move the office around. For my own confidence I just didn't feel right in going to another group on my first week, I got all anxious as the thought so now I believe I have to pay double this week which I'm not looking forward too. 

What a boring update.



Matalan Clearance Store Haul...

Friday, 16 May 2014
I've blogged twice before about the Matalan Clearance store that is about 30 mins from where I live. It's an aladans cave of bargains which you really do have to hunt through, but once you find a couple of gems it's well worth the visit.
I wholeheartedly recommend a trip there for anyone. As long as you aren't travelling for hours - sometimes you don't find anything amazing, although I usually find something.

Again I went with my awesome friend Aimi, who picked me up with her amazingly fun children and off we went on a little road trip, munching on a slimming world friendly picnic in the car. I love random days out with Aimi, she knows exactly what to do to cheer me up and these past weeks I have found myself not wanting to do anything anymore.

We both spent in total £32, which included Aimi's haul of a bowl for dips (£5) and a ring for her daughter (£1). Which leaves my haul at just £26. I also bought some baby clothes for my friend who is due in less than 6 weeks so on myself I actually just spent £15.75, a perfect little pick me up.
Whenever I go to Matalan, whether that be the clearance store or the normal one I always head straight to the homeware section. It appears I now have a "thing" for buying homeware, especially glass jars and vases. These glass jars didn't break the bank at their original price of £4 but for only £2 I was suitably impressed and one was added to the trolley straight away. I plan to hold all my cotton wool in their at the moment, but will probably use it as a vase at some point too. 

The shoe section is probably the most hit/miss for me. You can tell which lines were not popular at all and then the others don't tend to be discounted enough. The problem with being in a store like this is that everything in other stores or over £5 seems too expensive. I picked up these converse a-like shoes for only £3.75. I like the stud detail on them and they will be perfect for just knocking around in them. They also had them in black.

I realise I haven't yet got to the womens clothes section yet, and there is still one item to talk about before I get there. That is a checked shirt from the mens section. I ALWAYS look in there, a small shirt size is the perfect oversized shirt for me and I picked up one in a previous trip there. This one was only £4!! I love the colours and think it's feminine enough to get away with. It's poppered rather than buttoned too!

Finally onto the womens clothing. I picked up three things this time. Mainly because I am trying to loose weight so don't want to buy anymore clothes until I am a smaller size. These trousers I picked up knowing they would be too small for me. These are my motivation trousers (along with many others I have bought that are too small) but I really like them and for only £3 they weren't staying in the shop. I have jeans from Matalan in a size bigger than these so I am hoping I can drop a dress size and get in these.

Finally these two tops for £2 each. Baggy, zip back, long sleeves - perfect. I can get so much wear out of these and because they are baggy I will automatically feel comfortable in them. 

Have you hauled any bargains this week?



Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm...

Wednesday, 14 May 2014
From boots

Finally I think I can say I have found a cleanser that I have fallen in love with. I had always wanted to try cleansing balms but I certainly did not fancy forking out for the likes of Emma Hardie, just in case I hated it. The Botantics version is much more purse friendly at only £8.99, even better I bought this on offer for around £6.

Before using this I did a little reading up and apparently back in 2012 the balm cleanser went through the repackage and gained a whole new list of ingredients. From what I can gather the price went up and there was a distinct increase in the amount of cheaper ingredients used to make the product so original fans weren't happy - I felt the same with the eye make-up remover. It was PERFECT before but now I hate it and haven't bought the new one. Being as I had never used the original I had nothing to compare this to, but I would be interested to know if any of you used the old one?

I keep the balm on the side of my bath so when I am having a soak I can get to work with this and spend the time massaging it into my face and neck before removing with a flannel. I find that this balm hydrates my skin like no other without leaving this oily residue. The balm is also a beast at removing eye make-up and the bright lipsticks that I love to wear. It's a big hit and I think I may have found "the one".

Have you used the Botanics Cleansing Balm?



More from Juste Bijoux...

Monday, 12 May 2014
All from Juste Bijoux

I blogged about this online jewellery store a few weeks ago just after I had placed an order for an amazing topshop dupe of a necklace. Well, it's a few weeks later and I have ordered again.

Following on from a cheeky -3lb at my first slimming world weigh in I have decided to treat myself with little goodies every now and again, rather than food! I had my eye on this statement necklace for a while however I never purchased. Mainly because it is so far out of my comfort zone I wasn't sure if I would wear it, but since getting so much wear out of the last one that I bought I went for it.

At only £7.95 it's a bargain and actually really chunky so it feels sturdy - if a necklace could ever feel sturdy! I love wearing this over plain tshirts and jumpers.

The bracelet was something I bought on a whim because at the moment nothing graces my wrists apart from my Michael Kors but this just simply caught my eye. I think it will be perfect in the summer too.

I may or may not have placed another order yesterday - oops! So expect more necklaces soon ;).

Whats your favourite from the store?


PS It's my birthday tomorrow and yes I am off to a safari park - let the vlogging commence!!

Sunday Slimming World... Charli Slims #2

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Due to being full up with a cold I just don't have the energy to write a full blown blog post - watch my update video here



Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet...

Monday, 5 May 2014

I am 100% a lipstick girl, I often shun lipglosses and the likes. So when I first saw these I pretty much dismissed them as something that is really not for me at all. I thought that they would just be another lip product that would pass me by and I wouldn't care too much. But then, they kept cropping up in people's favourites videos and posts so I started to have my mind changed. They aren't lipglosses at all, but the most amazing liquid lipsticks that last forever.

I picked up the shades 03 Hot Pepper and 04 Pink Pong because they are the brightest out of the collection and we all know I love a bright lip. They were on offer in superdrug, buy one get one half price so I had both for just over £12 which isn't too bad.  Plus it helped me not have to face the decision of which ONE would I get because getting two just made more sense. 

I love the nifty packaging they are so convienient for travel and I really like the look of them. I love how the packaging matches the colour of the product exactly. They have a doefoot applicator which helps with being able to apply these so precisly you won't need a lip brush.

I find that with both of them it's best to put a really rough layer on first where it doesn't look like you have an even coverage, wait for a moment and then apply a slightly thicker layer  to really even out the colour. Think of it abit like nail polish, thin layers and wait for it to dry inbetween. 

The two best things about these lipsticks? They last forever and I mean forever. Out of habit I go to reapply during the middle of the day and I just don't need to, the lipstick still looks as I have just put it on which is insane as I am constantly drinking throughout the day. The other amazing thing? They don't transfer, well after first applying they do but only the tiniest amount - leave them to dry and that's it. They are staying put, this does mean they they are a nightmare to get off but I think I prefer that than having to reapply all the time.

Have you tried these?



Sunday Slimming World... Charli Slims #1

Sunday, 4 May 2014
Sunday Slimming | Charli Slims #1

Last week I wrote a letter to myself and in a moment of anger with myself I clicked publish. I weighed myself for the first time in a long time and the scales shocked me. Shocked me so much that infact on Wednesday I joined Slimming World. This post has me stumped on what to write, I wanted to write a little bit before going into what happens at the group about how I feel. But to be honest I'm just angry at myself for letting it get this far before doing something about it. Anyway, a few days into the plan and I have mellowed a bit, enjoying eating so much healthy foods and having control of my eating. 
So, let's start at the begining. I went onto the Slimming World website and found the nearest group, which for me was one on a Wednesday evening and I can see the venue from where I live pretty much. Which meant no excuses for not going, I can walk there no problem and it takes me all of 5 minutes to get home. 

Next step was actually walking in, I looked like a lost soul walking in but was soon greated by the consultant Sharon who is lovely and went in a private room to listen to her talk about the plan and why I was there. This was lovely as it settled me in and I got a feel for the support you have by going to the groups. You get given your book about the plan, all the foods and the syn values. The exercise log book, a food diary and loads of other information in your pack, I will go through these as these posts go on rather than bombarding you with information. Once I've got my head around the plan I will do my best to type out how it works but for now, I won't say anything because it would probably be wrong.

Back in the main room and once everyone else had been weighed we sat around and had image therapy where ideas were shared between people, we went through everyones losses/gains and generally had a laugh. By the time that was over I forgot that I had to be weighed and then I had that sinking feeling in my stomach. 

I got weighed and I am 12stone 1lb, which almost made me want to cry however I am so motivated and enjoying the plan so far that I'm hoping to see a little loss on the scales next week.
I have been posting my meals on instagram under the hastag #charlislims and I will be uploading a youtube video all about my first week next Sunday if you want to keep up to date with me. I've also taken up running SHOCK HORROR and am tweeting my progess again with the same hashtag. For me it's been worth the £4.95 each week and I'm going to buy the Fake Away book on Wednesday with the view to put up some recipes on my blog every now and again.

Thank you to everyone who commented, messaged, emailed etc I didn't expect people to and I sure as hell didn't do it to get messages like that. But without them I would have just been an angry mess. Cheers!

Here's to the next week and hoping there is a loss on the scales on Wednesday. I go through the welcome pack in more detail in my video that will be up in the week!



Pro-voke Touch of Silver... Revitalising Dry Shampoo...

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Dry shampoo has to be one of the most purchased hair products for me behind the obvious shampoo and conditioner. I won't ever allow myself to be without it and as I've said numerous times before I used dry shampoo a lot to hide my roots since I've been blonde.

I've been really impressed with the silver shampoos from the Pro-Voke range, especially with their price point and this at around £2 doesn't break the bank. Unlike Batiste which seems to be getting ever more expensive!!

Unfortunately I didn't fall in love with the Pro-Voke Dry Shampoo. My hair felt dirtier when I used this, almost having a hair spray like effect on my hair making it stick together and then go very static. 

I wouldn't repurchase this again and will be sticking to my LUSH dry shampoo.



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Cocoa Brown Tan Review...

Friday, 2 May 2014


I think I could describe this tan in one sentence - "The perfect tan" and that isn't an understatement either. Everybody who I have spoken to loves this tan and every one I have recommended it to now loves it also. 

This was a pretty random purchase from Primark when I was in there a couple of weeks ago. Among all the masses of beauty products that seem to have launched in Primark this was nestled on it's own stand. At £6 I was keen to try it and wouldn't be too annoyed if it didn't work. I hadn't really head much about this tan either, but I was drawn to the magical sentence on the front "one hour tan". Tanning can be such a chore, especially if you have white bed sheets, so to find one that claimed to work in an hour seemed to good to be true. 

This tan applies like a dream, there is a slight guide colour and the mousse is so soft. The tan dries in seconds so you have to work quickly and in small sections but this isn't a problem. I would prefer to have to apply in smaller sections and it dry instantly that the other way around. As you can see from the photos the one hour claim is actually justified. My arm looked just as dark after washing off the guide colour too. I gave it a good testing by actually sitting in the bath not just having a quick shower!

If you can get hold of this tan then 100% pick it up. It's the best tan I have ever used. I'm gutted I've got a few tans to test out that I've bought because this is the one for me! 

Have you ever used Cocoa Brown?



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