Matalan Clearance Store Haul...

Friday, 16 May 2014
I've blogged twice before about the Matalan Clearance store that is about 30 mins from where I live. It's an aladans cave of bargains which you really do have to hunt through, but once you find a couple of gems it's well worth the visit.
I wholeheartedly recommend a trip there for anyone. As long as you aren't travelling for hours - sometimes you don't find anything amazing, although I usually find something.

Again I went with my awesome friend Aimi, who picked me up with her amazingly fun children and off we went on a little road trip, munching on a slimming world friendly picnic in the car. I love random days out with Aimi, she knows exactly what to do to cheer me up and these past weeks I have found myself not wanting to do anything anymore.

We both spent in total £32, which included Aimi's haul of a bowl for dips (£5) and a ring for her daughter (£1). Which leaves my haul at just £26. I also bought some baby clothes for my friend who is due in less than 6 weeks so on myself I actually just spent £15.75, a perfect little pick me up.
Whenever I go to Matalan, whether that be the clearance store or the normal one I always head straight to the homeware section. It appears I now have a "thing" for buying homeware, especially glass jars and vases. These glass jars didn't break the bank at their original price of £4 but for only £2 I was suitably impressed and one was added to the trolley straight away. I plan to hold all my cotton wool in their at the moment, but will probably use it as a vase at some point too. 

The shoe section is probably the most hit/miss for me. You can tell which lines were not popular at all and then the others don't tend to be discounted enough. The problem with being in a store like this is that everything in other stores or over £5 seems too expensive. I picked up these converse a-like shoes for only £3.75. I like the stud detail on them and they will be perfect for just knocking around in them. They also had them in black.

I realise I haven't yet got to the womens clothes section yet, and there is still one item to talk about before I get there. That is a checked shirt from the mens section. I ALWAYS look in there, a small shirt size is the perfect oversized shirt for me and I picked up one in a previous trip there. This one was only £4!! I love the colours and think it's feminine enough to get away with. It's poppered rather than buttoned too!

Finally onto the womens clothing. I picked up three things this time. Mainly because I am trying to loose weight so don't want to buy anymore clothes until I am a smaller size. These trousers I picked up knowing they would be too small for me. These are my motivation trousers (along with many others I have bought that are too small) but I really like them and for only £3 they weren't staying in the shop. I have jeans from Matalan in a size bigger than these so I am hoping I can drop a dress size and get in these.

Finally these two tops for £2 each. Baggy, zip back, long sleeves - perfect. I can get so much wear out of these and because they are baggy I will automatically feel comfortable in them. 

Have you hauled any bargains this week?




  1. Lovely pieces and at great prices too! I saw some amazing heels from Matalan that I really need to get down there and buy! Hope you have a great day, Sarah x

  2. I love Matalan, need to check out their clearance section!

  3. I really have to go down one day to check it out!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  4. I live so close to this store, I always forget to go in - I'm around that area all of the time! Great buys, love the trainers! x

  5. Omg where is this store? I have to go, great post x
    Bean's Beauty Blog