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Monday, 12 May 2014
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I blogged about this online jewellery store a few weeks ago just after I had placed an order for an amazing topshop dupe of a necklace. Well, it's a few weeks later and I have ordered again.

Following on from a cheeky -3lb at my first slimming world weigh in I have decided to treat myself with little goodies every now and again, rather than food! I had my eye on this statement necklace for a while however I never purchased. Mainly because it is so far out of my comfort zone I wasn't sure if I would wear it, but since getting so much wear out of the last one that I bought I went for it.

At only £7.95 it's a bargain and actually really chunky so it feels sturdy - if a necklace could ever feel sturdy! I love wearing this over plain tshirts and jumpers.

The bracelet was something I bought on a whim because at the moment nothing graces my wrists apart from my Michael Kors but this just simply caught my eye. I think it will be perfect in the summer too.

I may or may not have placed another order yesterday - oops! So expect more necklaces soon ;).

Whats your favourite from the store?


PS It's my birthday tomorrow and yes I am off to a safari park - let the vlogging commence!!


  1. Oh wow, that yellow necklace is fab. I love finding new sites, so thanks for this post :)

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  3. That necklace is gorgeous. I don't own enough statement necklaces.

    Rubi x
    The Den