Sunday Slimming World... Charli Slims #1

Sunday, 4 May 2014
Sunday Slimming | Charli Slims #1

Last week I wrote a letter to myself and in a moment of anger with myself I clicked publish. I weighed myself for the first time in a long time and the scales shocked me. Shocked me so much that infact on Wednesday I joined Slimming World. This post has me stumped on what to write, I wanted to write a little bit before going into what happens at the group about how I feel. But to be honest I'm just angry at myself for letting it get this far before doing something about it. Anyway, a few days into the plan and I have mellowed a bit, enjoying eating so much healthy foods and having control of my eating. 
So, let's start at the begining. I went onto the Slimming World website and found the nearest group, which for me was one on a Wednesday evening and I can see the venue from where I live pretty much. Which meant no excuses for not going, I can walk there no problem and it takes me all of 5 minutes to get home. 

Next step was actually walking in, I looked like a lost soul walking in but was soon greated by the consultant Sharon who is lovely and went in a private room to listen to her talk about the plan and why I was there. This was lovely as it settled me in and I got a feel for the support you have by going to the groups. You get given your book about the plan, all the foods and the syn values. The exercise log book, a food diary and loads of other information in your pack, I will go through these as these posts go on rather than bombarding you with information. Once I've got my head around the plan I will do my best to type out how it works but for now, I won't say anything because it would probably be wrong.

Back in the main room and once everyone else had been weighed we sat around and had image therapy where ideas were shared between people, we went through everyones losses/gains and generally had a laugh. By the time that was over I forgot that I had to be weighed and then I had that sinking feeling in my stomach. 

I got weighed and I am 12stone 1lb, which almost made me want to cry however I am so motivated and enjoying the plan so far that I'm hoping to see a little loss on the scales next week.
I have been posting my meals on instagram under the hastag #charlislims and I will be uploading a youtube video all about my first week next Sunday if you want to keep up to date with me. I've also taken up running SHOCK HORROR and am tweeting my progess again with the same hashtag. For me it's been worth the £4.95 each week and I'm going to buy the Fake Away book on Wednesday with the view to put up some recipes on my blog every now and again.

Thank you to everyone who commented, messaged, emailed etc I didn't expect people to and I sure as hell didn't do it to get messages like that. But without them I would have just been an angry mess. Cheers!

Here's to the next week and hoping there is a loss on the scales on Wednesday. I go through the welcome pack in more detail in my video that will be up in the week!




  1. I'm really looking forward to reading about this - I also got a bit of a shock when I stepped on the scales recently so it'll be good to hear how you're getting on. Best of luck :) x

  2. I look forward to seeing your progress, starting anything is the hard bit and you've done that now! xx

  3. Good luck! And well done for taking the first step. I recently started following the Weight Watchers plan (I pinched all the info off my Mum 'coz I can't afford the whole plan myself!) and it's made me feel so much better even after just a few weeks. Not sure how well the recipes work between Weight Watchers and Slimming World but I'm going to write a big post about some of my favourite healthy meals and my progress soon :) xx

  4. can't wait to hear how you get on, i love slimming world so i'm sure you will be feeling so much better about yourself very soon

  5. Good luck Charli! I'm actually really interested in following your journey; I'd like to lose a few pounds and half-heartedly tried to join my friend in her slimming world endeavours. The results speak for themselves, but I was a little stuck for recipe ideas so it'll be good to see what you're eating and draw inspiration from that!

    - Lorna at Scared Toast x

  6. Good luck lovely lady! <3