Sunday Slimming World... Charli Slims #3

Sunday, 18 May 2014

I think how I have felt in this last week is accurately represented by the hamster in this picture. Whilst I hadn't gone off plan in any shape or form really I just felt huge and not motivated at all.

I had a horrific cold which meant I couldn't taste things and I couldn't go to the gym! This was particularly annoying because I was just getting into running and feeling the sense of achievement that I was getting as I was running for longer periods of time.

I couldn't even go to weigh-in because I had to stay behind in work to move the office around. For my own confidence I just didn't feel right in going to another group on my first week, I got all anxious as the thought so now I believe I have to pay double this week which I'm not looking forward too. 

What a boring update.




  1. Oh my GAHD that picture is amazing! Haha! I'm sorry you've not felt well though :( and in reality you've probably not fallen off the wagon at all. One week off will do no harm. Tomorrow is a new start :) good luck xx

  2. I@m feeling so down about my weight at the moment, I don't feel as though I'm seeing any results at all and it's really upsetting me. I think I need to shake things up a bit, I go to the gym every day but maybe I've fallen into a routine or something.

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