A little trip to ASDA...

Saturday, 28 June 2014
You know those days where you just want to mooch around, browse aisles of homewares, clothes and shoes? Last Sunday was one of those days. I'd been inside all weekend, which I actually enjoyed as I haven't had a decent amount of time in the flat recently. I'd been cleaning, sorting out clothes, putting Lucifer into a new cage and I just thought I want to get out.

I'd watched Steph's Tesco clothing haul and decided to head to Tescos. But the title is an ASDA haul Charli?! Yeah, the trip to Tesco was a fail. They are having the store refurbished so everything was only half stocked and all over the place. So I left and headed to ASDA. 

I haven't had a decent shop in ASDA for ages and I managed to head out £40 lighter (this did include food, all slimming world friendly goodies for me of course!). As soon as I walked in there was a massive sale sectioned which I browsed for ages and came out with shoes that I didn't think I would love at all.
These were only £10 reduced from £20 and they are really comfy. I've seen many more expensive versions of shoe/boots like these so I was chuffed to nab a pair for so little. I've tried them on and they seem comfy, I'll report back. I'm hoping that they won't make my feet sweat.
It appears this is the only picture of my new skirt that I took. It's exactly the same design as the Matalan skirt that I own with the mesh insert along the bottom. For only £8 there was no way I was leaving without it. I'd wanted it before it was reduced! I'm a little nervous as it's a white skirt but hopefully I won't be clumsy and stain it.
These three cacti were only £4 for the set. I've been having a nightmare with the house plants, read that as they are just dying left right and centre. My solution was to buy these even though it's not a lack of water that's the problem with my other plants. I will be one of those crazy plant and hamster hoarders one day.
The beauty section! Two things I actually needed and one I didn't, all were £1 each which was pretty cool. I think the nspa range is exclusive to ASDA? That morning I realised that I actually had no body moisturisers left, shock horror so I actually needed to pick up a body butter of some sort. I'm trying the hair mask tonight, I've not washed my hair in 6 days to see if I could get away with just dry shampoo and I did. My hair just feels so dry from it all that a good hair mask is much needed. 




  1. Those shoes are gorgeous, Im going to rummage in my local ASDA for a pair, I would wear them all the time

  2. Love the shoes Charl!! I've used that hair mask before too, they have the whole hair care range in B&M for 99p each. It smells delish

  3. love the shoes! going to have to hunt them down.


  4. Those shoes are amazing - I love when you find gorgeous pieces like these in supermarket! x