Summer Prep: Perfect Pins... How do you get Summer ready?

Monday, 23 June 2014
I can't deny is any longer, summer is here and my winter clothes will have to go into hiding. Another indication that summer is here - hayfever. But more on that in another post. I realised the other day when wondering what to wear to work that I can no longer head straight for the tight drawer unless I want to over heat by mid day. I need to bite the bullet and perfect my pins.

Winter months mean hiding any leg stubble (read as hair) underneath thick tights, not having to worry about the daily battle with the fuzz. I'd never bear my legs unless they are silky smooth. We all know there are a few options and each different one lasts for different lengths of time. First off, shaving. Probably the easiest method of hair removal, but lasts the least amount of time. Two days at most we are talking...just be careful of cutting yourself..shaving nips bleed for ages! Another at home alternative would be to epilate. A handheld device that has small rotating tweezers that pull the hairs out of your body! Painful yes, but longer lasting and you do tend to get used to the pain. If I'm feeling brave I use mine which is the Braun Silk Epil, I bought this a while ago and it's still going strong. It has a torch on it so you can see even the tiniest of hairs, I'm sure they have probably bought out better ones in the past year or so too. Failing that and something that I really want to get as I hate body hair is laser hair removal.

Once I have defuzzed and moisturised it's all about the tan. Rarely will you see me bare legged and no colour, it's true - a tan does make you feel better about whooping your legs out. Depending on how much time I have to prep my pins for their appearance will depend on what I use. I have three products in my cupboard for tanning. The Garnier Summer Body is for when I have been very good and planned at least a week ahead. Applied with a mitt a good few nights before getting my legs out leaves me with a nice golden colour. If I have the night before to plan, or even up to a few hours before, I use the Cocoa Brown tan, I like to leave this for more than the one hour it says but either way I'm left with lovely bronzed legs. Finally, if I have just minutes and I need something quick it's straight to Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. What a revelation this product was for me, it's perfect legs in seconds. Dries instantly and doesn't rub off on clothes! I like the spray this onto a tanning mitt and then rub into my legs so they don't look too fake. 

What's your summer routine for getting perfect pins?




  1. Im a shave girl, although I use normal shavers most the time, if I'm in a rush and just have that little bit of stubble I use an electric razor instead (Jons old one!) I would love laser hair removal too, but its so pricy. Have tried my sisters epilator as she swears by it (has to have smooth pins all year round as she has to get in the pool with her patients every week) and I hated it, don't like the pain sensation at all! Waxing is always an option? Or I want to try a Nono or that type of thing, but seen so many reviews about it being completely bogus that I don't want to fork out on one!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  2. I couldn't epilate, I just couldn't inflict that pain on myself even though I despise shaving! I love cocoa brown tan, it's the first mousse I've used which hasn't gone all patchy and weird and it develops really quickly, bonus!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  3. I think i'm going to have to try at home waxing again! I've been shaving but i can't be bothered with it and i've tried epilating and just wasn't a fan! x

  4. Epilating is the way forward! I don't fake tan but I do use St Stropez Instant wash-off Mousse if I'm going out.

    - Elodie x