Meet Spot and Tiger...

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Let me introduce you to the newest additions (apart from tropical fish) to our flat. Meet Spot and Tiger the two new fancy goldfish in my life. I absolutely love goldfish, I always have and I always will. I think you can get as much enjoyment out of them as you get with the more expensive fish of this world. 

The day after my spa day last weekend I went to pick these guys up. Matt and I decided on a date day, which for us mostly means mooching around garden centres, home shops and animal places. It's what we like to do, finding little things that make our flat out home. Anywho I managed to pick up this beauty of a tank from Homesense for only £7.99. A massive bargain considering that fish tank bowls are usually £30+!! I like that it's basically a large wine glass, a bit more interesting that a glass bowl. 

I knew I wanted the fancy goldfish just down to my personal taste, I think they are so pretty and ornamental. Faced with a whole wall full of them I stood in awe knowing that I was only going to come away with two. I'm not kidding, there was about 12 tanks with fancy goldfish in ranging from black to orange to white. I'd spotted Spot straight away, he just stood out because the black spots on him are perfect circles. I'd never seen a fish like him before just so pretty and interesting. It took me a little longer to find Tiger (named because of the one stripe he has - original I know) I toyed with the idea of an all black fish but their eyes creeped me out. I didn't like the all white ones because they looked like that would just blend in against our wall at home. Then I saw him, loved that he was half and half and told the man to put him in the bag with Spot because I had chosen. 

I love them, I love how the tank looks on our shelves!

There is a lot more work with a tank that has no filter, oxygen tablets, plants and regular changes are needed so do your research! Keeping fish is nothing new to me so I know exactly what I was getting myself in to. 





  1. It's like a gigantic wine glass! I love it! I used to have fish when I was younger, the little black ones with the bulging eyes. No idea why I went for the ugliest kind!

  2. There's a fish tank at my local library, and when I was younger I loved just looking at the fish.
    Rubi | The Den