A day at Four Falls Walk, Brecon...

Monday, 11 August 2014

Last Sunday I did the most exercise I think I have ever done in one day, I felt like I was back on my Duke of Edinburgh (shudder!) trip! 

I was awake at 7:00am and went for a run with Matt, yes I don't know who I am either (although 3 runs this week-I'm basically a marathon runner, right?). We were out running (and walking) until about 8, got back showered and then made the decision to go up the mountains in Brecon and have a nice stroll.

I say stroll, it was a hike. Matt was also convinced that it would be a nice sunny day. I didn't wear a coat, cardigan or take an umbrella and I got soaked through, even wearing a carrier bag on my head at one point. But we had the best time, no phone signal so no interruptions just a few hours, just us laughing and joking about getting soaked and me falling up and down hills.

The coolest part was being able to stand behind a waterfall. The power of nature really hit home, it sounded like a train was going past really close... a sound that never let up. Plus I met a rabbit who wasn't scared of me walking right up to him! 

And yes that photo is of me not being impressed as I had just realised that the huge hill I had walked down, well I had to go back up it!

Have you ever been to Brecon?



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  1. I love the walks there, there is an easier walk to see a few smaller waterfalls too if you just want to go for a couple of hours. I recently got a bike so can't wait to take that to Brecon x

  2. I've never been but it's so pretty I'd like to.

  3. Absolutely breath taking .... And well done on keeping up the running. I know how hard it is =D x


  4. Which part of Brecon were you in? Waterfall district is in my neck of the woods!
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