Being Blonde...

Saturday, 9 August 2014

 I do love being blonde, I have been a fair few times in my life, which often leads me to wonder how I still have hair on my head at times. The amount of bleach I have whacked on my head is ridiculous. As much as I love being blonde there is the general annoyance of the regrowth, especially as I have such dark roots. My hair isn't that dark naturally, I'm more of a mousey colour which I hate, however because I like my hair so light the regrowth looks even darker. 

I'd never dabbled in at home dye bleach before, I have done with dying my hair brown and my own ombre because somehow they are less scary?! But one month about 5 months back I couldn't afford to have my hair done in a salon or even by my mobile hair dresser so my friend Sophia and I hit the aisles of boots in the search for a more affordable solution to my root problem.

We came across this duo which looked like they would do the job, had everything I needed included (no need to buy a brush, mixing pots or gloves) and was fairly cheap. The first step was lightening my roots and for that I used the maximum lift blonding kit. I chose the maximum one as like I said my roots are pretty dark and this worked like a dream. As I was only applying this to my roots one box was enough, but if you were bleaching the whole of your hair I would suggest using two. After about 20 mins my roots had lightened to match the rest of my hair, a quick wash off and I was sorted. 

A couple of days later I decided to use the toner as my hair was looking a bit brassy. Another problem when it comes to being blonde! This is stupidly simple to use, covered my hair in the toner, waited and then washed out. As soon as I started to blow dry I noticed the difference in colour. I'm usually a bit weary of using toners as sometimes I don't see the difference in colour however with the B Blonde champagne coloured toner it was another story. My hair has a lovely soft almost pinkish hint and I love it. Every single signal sign of yellow has vanished and I have stocked up on a few more for when the colour needs topping up. 

Luckily enough a few weeks after using the B Blonde range the guys at Jerome Russell offered to send me some more for when my roots came through again so I have recently repeated the process! As long as I stay blonde I can't see me using any other products, I've been so impressed with the range (hence buying back ups already!)

Do you have any favourite products for blonde hair?



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  2. I have the same poblem as you, I love being blonde but my mousy regrowth looks so dark in comparison. A few weeks ago I wanted to lighten my roots but didn't want to shed out the mney for a salon but didn't think bleach would come out well at home but yours looks amazing! I ended up buying a L'Oreal Platinum Blonde shampoo and all it did was turn my roots a lighter shade of brown! Should have just taken the same route as you - I will next time!