My first official walk at Cardiff Dogs Home...

Friday, 8 August 2014

Soaked through, cold, muddy, tired, early morning... but SO HAPPY. Just look at my face.

On Saturday I had my first official walk at the dogs home, the first one where I could turn up at any time and "pick" who I walked. 

I turned up at 9:30, roped my mum in for the fresh air too, and by that point almost all the dogs had been walked (go team walkers!!) apart from the bundle of energy that is Marley. If anyone knows me at all you would know that I would walk any dog on the planet so I waited patiently outside for Michelle to bring him out.

Marley was also the first dog to use my own lead (yes I did love being able to shop in the dog section of pets at home!!) and boy did he make his mark on it. At times he was even taking me for a walk as he is so young it was almost like a "come on run with me lady" and made me laugh lots and lots. Although being as my mum only had normal shoes on we had to stop and wait for her a couple of times. I think Marley even got used to it and was started to look back for her at times, it always amazes me how quickly they seem to pick things up.

I'd just like to spend a paragraph talking very unashamedly about how beautiful Marley is. I know it's slightly materialistic to comment on how the dogs look as their personalities shine through enough to make you want them regardless of what they look like. However, he has the most beautiful brindle legs, thick coat, cheeky face and amazing husky tail. Stunning. Just look at the pictures on the forum to see for yourself. Unfortunately it was chucking it down with rain and my phone wasn't playing ball so I don't have the best photos of him. 

- Photo from the forum. 

Finally, I wanted to touch on something that my mum said whilst we were out walking and it links nicely to what I was writing in my last post about walking the dogs. The sentence my mum said was "It's amazing how he trusts you, walked off with us with no hesitation, it's like he knows you are here to help him" and boy did I almost blub! I looked down at this little pup and realised just how much their lives have been turned upside down by humans yet they look up to humans and they seem to know you are a "good egg" and here for them to have fun. Again it made me realise why I've always wanted to walk the dogs. 

That may sound really soppy and over the top, but it's genuinely how I feel. These dogs are simply amazing. Roll on tomorrow where I get to go and see Saffy, Marley and all the newbies at the home.

If you are considering getting a dog I would politely suggest looking at adoption. I would never ever force my views on someone around adoption and would never judge someone who bought from a breeder, but these dogs... well there are no words...



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  1. My parents have a rescue rottweiler and he is the most lovely dog, it's like he appreciates everything doubly with having been let down by his previous owner. Good on you for taking Marley out, he sounds gorgeous!

    Jess ox

  2. My parents have two rescues, ones a black lab/lurcher who is incredibly intelligent and was on doggy death row and the other is a full black lab who has moved home 3 times because of family issues. I would love to get to a point in my life where I can rehome a dog, I think I'd end up with a house full though!! Looks like loads of fun, might have to contact my local shelter and volunteer!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Oh wow, what a lovely thing to do!!

  4. We got our dog abandoned with us as some lady dropped her off and we were supposed to watch her for the weekend she never did come back BUT I love that dog more than anything in this world, she is one of the greatest things that ever happened to me.