Monday, 25 August 2014

I've decided to completely stop blogging until I am back from my summer holidays. 

Too often over these past few weeks I've sat down to blog and all I have wanted to post about are dogs haha, not a bad thing for me, but I don't want my other passions I blog about to get lost in all of it.

I've not really had chance to access the laptop recently, had little time to take photos and haven't even really wanted to blog, which is very unlike me. I've not filmed a youtube video in months, the whole "Charli Slims" feature has fizzled out and I'm a bit uninspired. 

I'm going to take a notebook and pen away with me, of course my camera and vlog camera and see if the mood takes me whilst I'm out there. 

Here's to a much needed few weeks away!

Ta ta for now... x

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