Walking Riley, The sensory Garden and Saffron has a home...

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Yesterday I took my friend Sophia and her sister Izzy to come walk with me! It's nice having company, they both love dogs and Sophia is waiting for the next induction so for now has joined the fundraising team...

Some of the dogs had already gone out and over to a fundraising meet and greet at pets at home and from what I saw of the photos they were loving all the fuss! We took out Riley, based on a decision of looking down the list and seeing who hadn't gone out and speaking to Susie! 

Describing Riley as a gentle giant who loves walking like he's glued next to you had me sold and I couldn't wait to meet him. We were greeted by the most glossy coated Lurcher I have ever seen, just look at all the other photos of him here. Not to mention those gorgeous amber eyes.

Riley had just had the snip (ouchy) so we could only take him for a walk and not over to the meet and greet, but we made sure we walked him fairly far so he could stretch his muscular legs. Compared to Marley who I walked last week, Riley is so calm. He took everything in his stride and has come along leaps and bounds with walking on a lead compared to the first few posts I've read about him. Riley didn't even bat an eyelid at big buses and lorries. He has no sense of personal space though, leaning on you for comfort which is the cutest. 

When we got back a family had just come back from walking Marley and made the decision that he was too lively for them, so we all suggested they met Riley as he is a gentle giant and so calm. I'm not sure what happened with the meet but I'm hoping they loved him as much as we did! 

Biggest news of yesterday was that Saffron got taken home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot tell you how happy I was to meet her new owners and be there when she got collected. It was an emotional moment saying goodbye, but we had 20mins in the garden running around and off she went! I'll miss her but she now has the home she deserves.

If you look back at the post I wrote two weeks ago you can really see the difference in her body condition, she gained weight, energy and I'm convinced she was even standing taller when I saw her yesterday. It's amazing what feeling safe can do for these dogs. 



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  1. Aw how fantastic that she has her forever home!! It's less than a week now for us to travel to Ireland to collect our rescue greyhound. I am beyond excited!!!