Aeroplane Essentials...

Monday, 29 September 2014

I thought it was about time that I delved into my holiday snaps and bought a select few to the pages of Charli Blogs. It's been a long couple of weeks since coming back from holiday with various things going on and it's only today that I've been able to sort through the photos to decide what to post about!

I thought I'd start with the flight as you know that's where it all starts, being at the airport - duty free... oh I did buy things in duty free so probably should have started with that. Oops.

Anyway... I spent most of the time clinging to Matt's arm as the flight was like being on a roller-coaster. Scary.

Fluffy Socks

First things first and most importantly are a pair of fluffy socks. I Instantly feel more comfortable and relaxed with fluffy socks. Before we even take off I've thrown my shoes into my bag and on goes these bad boys. 

A Neck Pillow

Another must have above all other things. I cannot get comfortable without it and I'm considering spending more money on a pricer one now that this one has left me covered in "bean bag beans" on the way home from Egypt!!

Reading Material

This was the first holiday that I took my own Kindle. Last year I had borrowed one and fell in love with how easy reading on holiday was - I smashed through the whole Harry Potter set in two weeks! I bought this magazine in the airport, but it's still sat unread by the side of my bed! 

A Big Scarf

This year we flew with easyjet, which understandably is a cheaper airline and you don't get the comforts on the plane that you would with other airlines. I took a massive scarf from Primark which has a variety of uses from having another something to lean on, keeping me warm and acting as a blanket. 

The Toiletries

A massive part of me feeling calm on a flight is being so prepared that I am prepared for every situation I can control. From paracetamol to immodium I am set. A little bottle of bioderma and a facemask from origins. I didn't put that much effort into my hand luggage this time around because it wasn't such a long flight.


  1. Great post, thanks for sharing I'm hoping to go to Florida next year & I've never been on a plane so this was really interesting to read xx

  2. I pretty much a 'as long as I have a book' kinda girl. Can manage a flight with very little else, lol!
    Two Hearts One Roof