In my Egyptian shower...

Friday, 3 October 2014

When packing for Egypt the one thing that I needed to make sure that I did was pack a decent shampoo and conditioner. In Mexico last year my hair went so dry that brushing it was painful and would snap off more hair than normal. That was when my hair was ombred so I knew it would be worse this year as my hair at the time of my holiday was all bleach. Coupled with the fact that Egypt would be a higher concentration of sun, I was prepared for a nightmare. 

Loreal EveryPure Colour Care Shampoo & Conditioner

I picked these up when they were on offer in Tescos on a random shopping trip I had after work one day. I'd heard a lot about "no sulphates" shampoo and conditioners and how they are supposed to be better for your hair and like  most things I read about on blogs, I was intrigued. I have to say they did do a great job at keeping my hair soft on holiday, especially as everyday I was in the sea and swimming pool. 

Sainsburys Mint Shower Gel

Mint shower gels are one of my most favourite things to use in the shower. I'm pretty obsessed with mint flavoured everything. This may sound a little strange but I find mint shower gels really refreshing when your skin feel all cloggy up with chlorine and sea salt on holiday. However, the downside of this is if your skin does get a little sun burnt then it can really sting!

Nivea After Sun Shower Cream

That brings me on to my next item, an after sun that you use in the shower?! Something I had never heard of before but we picked it up and packed it in our suitcase, hoping for the best! I would like to say here and now that this stuff makes the shower super slippery and it's pretty dangerous - I nearly stacked it a few times. As a product it was a little weird to use. Once I'd washed my hair I would brush through with my tangle teaser and clip it out of the way. Turning off the shower I then put this all over and rinsed off. My skin felt soft but I still felt the need to really moisturise afterwards. I wouldn't bother with this again. 


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