Let's go to the beach... BEACH

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

So, this could win the award for the latest and most irrelevant blog post. Especially as I am sat typing this whilst looking out of the window at a foggy and rainy landscape. Much different to the landscape that was out of the window when I took these photos. 

Long gone are the those days when I needed to apply the suntan lotion, but when I did in Egypt it was factor 50 all the way, especially on the beach where I spent most of the day snorkelling. Talking snorkelling (no points for that link there!) I made sure that every time we took off down the hill to the beach these were in my possession. I loved being in the water with the fish so much that I am considering investing in a decent kit. Another essential when in Egypt are beach shoes, these we picked up whilst out there and they were really cheap. These pretty much saved my trotters because the sand is mainly broken rocks or boiling hot. Also - never forget the bug spray. Ever. 

When I wasn't in the sea I was relaxing as per usual with Harry Potter on my kindle.

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