Let's go to the pool...

Friday, 3 October 2014

The swimming pool is one of my favourite places to be on holiday, second only to the sea. I love being in the water, around the water and on the water. I think I was a mermaid in a previous life. Naturally you pack a few essentials and these are the things that never left my pool bag...


A bit of a weird one to start with as most of the time I was just in my bikini soaking up the rays but there are times when you need to pop back to the room, to go and get some food or when you just want to cover up. I picked this lace throw very last minute before my holiday from Tesco and it was in the sale for £10. I wore this quite a bit on holiday and as it's so long I got away with wearing it in the food places too. 

My hat was another Tesco bargain, for £3 this was something that I wore everyday and because it was so big it also protected my neck and shoulders from the sun!

The final item of clothing for me was a decent pair of flip flips, I took along these from Ipanema* ad they are the most comfortable flip flips I own. Previous ones range from a £2 pair from Sainsburys to Havianas but as these have a base that is shaped to a foot they are so comfortable. I really needed them by the pool because the ground got so hot you couldn't walk bare foot anywhere!


Naturally the first thing to pack when you are outside on holiday is your SPF. We took nothing less that factor 20 with us and I would say most of the first week we stuck to factor 50. We took a variety of spray and lotion with us and there are good and bad points to both. The spray, whilst convenient, seem to last all of two seconds. The bottles said they would do 6 full body applications and I usually would be really annoyed at the lack of product but they were reduced to £2 each in Wilkos. 

I also took along carrot oil with me, a product which if used correctly (with an SPF) gives such a nice tan! A little lip balm too and I was set for the day. 

The rest

I think my kindle was permanently attached to me on this holiday. I loved getting pulled back into the wonderful world of Harry Potter again and read at a super speed. We took a few "game" things to play with Leanne and Tom so some balls that float on the water and bat and balls. The bats pretty much disintegrated in the water ://.

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