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Monday, 20 October 2014
Last Monday I took the day off work, because let's be honest - who likes Mondays? Not me, that's for sure. Now I've known Michelle for years and have had my nails done by her for the last 5 years - so that should say she is awesome in itself, however this time I went with something different - sculptures.
Now as the song says, first things first. My nails were the worst they have been in years and I am absolutley blaming this on being at the dogs home on the weekend ;)... I jest, but still I haven't been the most careful recently. I always had big plans to keep having shellac until they grew enough but this just never happened. I then saw Michelle (aka Shelley) talk of this method of building up the nail tip instead of gluing tips on your nails. I booked in sharpish as I have craved that pointed nail for far too long!

After my nails were buffed and filed I had these silver stickers placed under my nails. These formed the base for which the gels were built up on. No tips required and all free hand. I was pretty amazed at the results if I'm honest. The nail shape was exactly what I wanted and like I said Michelle did all this free hand - in love!
I love how these nails look without any polish. So natural! 

For polish, as always, I wanted to go for something fun but still non-tacky so Michelle brilliantly look inspiration from my tartan scarf. I've just spent the day at the dogs home and my nails look like they have just been done, I am amazed. I'll keep you updated with how they grow out and how long they look in tip top condition.

Have a look at the Storm Hair and Nails website, if you are in the Cardiff area I couldn't recommend a better place.

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