MAC Morange...

Monday, 3 November 2014

A long while ago Debenhams had an offer on where there was £5 off any lipstick. Pretty much one of the best offers around, no? I had decided that I had been far too good with not buying any lipsticks in AGES so I thought I would have a nose and see what was still in stock. 

I knew I wanted to pick up another MAC lipstick because they are ones that I would never pay full price for but would happily pick up on with an offer. 

I'm so not one for nudes and neutral colour lipsticks and I'd spied MAC Morange on so many blog posts that I'd decided I needed it. Especially for my holiday to Egypt - this colour with a tan is just perfect. Even though I don't have a tan really anymore I still love how it looks. It's so orange which is a lipstick colour I haven't really had before. I've had reds that are a little orange but never pure orange (ok well it's a teeny weeny bit red) - and I love it. 

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  1. Ooooh that looks like an amazing colour! Not sure I could pull it off, but I love it!

    // Oh Dollymix

  2. Morange is one of my fav shades perfect summer and winter shade, sometimes I stick a balm underneath to help the colour stick a bit, hope you have fun wearing that xx

    Laura// xx