Christmas Party Outfit Planning...

Monday, 15 December 2014
Dress - The City Rack // Shoes - Chichi*

I have been away from my blog again for about a week and it's all because my sister had a pretty nasty accident in work. Last Sunday I had a call from a terrified Emily saying she was on the floor in work and an ambulance was on its way. Turns out she'd fallen in work and has snapped her upper arm. Both of us didn't have any sleep in over 36 hours whilst we got her sorted in a&e, a few days in hospital and an operation later she is now sitting at home with a metal plate in her arm. Ouch!

Anyway, it's also the time of year that the emails come around in work detailing where we are off for our Christmas Party and this year, after many years of wearing skinny jeans, I decided I would wear a dress. I mean, no tights legs out - a dress. I'm not even sure why. 

I've had this bright pink dress from The City Rack for a while now and I thought that the bright pink was the perfect non-festive colour for me. I also like that it's already got a statement necklace attached, I'm pre-empting that the party is going to be boiling hot, and when I'm hot I hate wearing necklaces. I realise that makes me sound like I'm having a hot flush haha. 

These shoes from Chichi arrived just in time and are going to be perfect for the party. I like the bow detailing on the back and that makes them ideal for a night out. Despite making me feel at least ten feet taller they are actually really comfortable. I think its because the bit around the front of the shoe is thicker than most party shoes, my feet don't feel like they are about to get pinched in half! As they are matte black, I've even worn these into work... you know, power heels and all that!