Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Guide to Cardiff - Thornhill Farm Shop

Monday, 1 December 2014

When asked to pick one of my favourite local spots in Cardiff for the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels guide to Cardiff there was no question where I would choose. I regularly venture here for breakfast, lunch and to pick up some local produce. Whilst I've been given vouchers for my visit today, I've blogged about this place many many times before

Thornhill Farm Shop is located in North Cardiff, just before Caerphilly Mountain. The Farm Shop opened in 2006 and sells home and locally produced produce. There is even a caravan park on site so if you are travelling from afar you can set up camp. Thornhill Farm Shop caters to those, like myself, who prefer to shop locally. Everything is displayed so beautifully and is always the highest of quality. There is 80 acres of farmland which produces beef, lamb and home grown vegetables. 

I love nothing more that browsing the shop floor after a nice breakfast in the cafe. In particular I love all the wooden display units and the cottagey feel that the shop has, it's so picturesque. On our Sunday trip their we picked up eggs, venison sausages, a joint of lamb, sirlon steak, a loaf of fresh bread and some pork chops. There is such a huge variety of goods from sweets to fresh bread to meats to specialist oils and more. 

Antlers Cafe is the place to be to sip a cup of coffee and fill your belly with either a tasty breakfast, lunch or snack. The breakfasts are fantastic at setting you up for the day and often I will enjoy a bacon baguette and a latte before going to the dogs home for the day. However, the lunches are my favourite. I can highly recommend the ham panini and always get the side of coleslaw. The homemade coleslaw is the best I have ever eaten. 
There are some very talented bakers that work at Antlers Cafe and there is always a huge selection of cakes on offer there, some even award winning, A special note to the lemon drizzle cake as I could eat my weight in that cake and still not get bored of the taste.

I guess it's no surprise that my favourite part of Thornhill Farm Shop is the animal paddock. Usually all the animals are in the fields above but at Christmas time they head inside and recreate the nativity which is just super cute. And yes I just said "super cute". 

Probably a bit insensitive to mention sausages right after a photo of a pair of pigs, but tonight we ate the sausages we bought which were delicious, especially when inside slices of the fresh loaf of bread we also bought. 

I can't recommend this place enough if you are in the area, or have a caravan. You can really make a decent day out of it, great for kids, animals and amazing food. What more do you need?

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