Upgrading my Tangle Teaser...

Friday, 2 January 2015

  Since getting my first tangle teaser years ago I rarely use any other brush. Especially as my hair is so damaged from being bleach blonde and then dyed twice brown in two days. My previous tangle teaser is the original pro one, with the cover attachment and I've recently been sent the Tangle Teaser Aqua Splash which has been specifically designed for use in water. 

I've never been one to brush my hair in the shower because I'm lazy. Since my hair needs lots of tlc at the moment and I'm trying so hard to get it back into some sort of condition I've been taking the time to really work hair masks into my hair and this is where the tangle teaser aqua splash comes into play. I can sit there for a good few minutes brushing my hair and making sure that all the treatment is evenly distributed. 

The aqua splash is easier to hold in the water and the hollow design means that water can flow straight through and not be left with a soggy hair brush after the shower. The teeth seem to be slightly easier to get through my hair, I'm not sure if that's because it's new and my old one is a little destroyed now or a change in the design.

I'm really glad I've been sent the aqua splash version and I would recommend this over the original, the only downside is that it's not really travel friendly - although you could roll up socks and store them inside ha. 

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  1. Ah this sounds great - I might have to treat myself!