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Monday, 9 February 2015
Currently I am between the dilemma of do I grow my hair or cut a good few inches off..? I've been in this stage of thinking for about a year, probably even longer and all the time I haven't cut my hair the realisation is that it still hasn't grown. I look back at photos from years ago, made easier thanks to that timehop app and my hair looks longer back then! It's so frustrating. 
 My hair has been through a lot in that time, geez this sounds emotional, but the amount of bleach and dye that has been slapped on it, I'm surprised I have any left. Before October this year I was hell bent on getting my hair to the whitest white, which obviously means loads and loads of bleach. I did love it though and my hair only went lighter on my holiday to Egypt. I didn't think it was in too bad condition either, considering what I'd put it through. However, in a massive balls-up at a local salon (I still haven't decided if I want to blog about it or not yet) I ended up dark brown. Dark brown to cover what they had turned me into. Two weeks in the sun, followed by two sets of hair dye in less than 24 hours really left my hair a little, well, f*cked.  
These photos were taken last year at a Paul Mitchell event (I want to type Phil Mitchell each time and I haven't even watched Eastenders for years!!) which took place in St David's hotel. It had been a good couple of months since the disaster and as you can see a lot of the brown had faded. You can even see the darker bits where brown was basically put over brown to cover up the mistake. Fast forward even more months and my hair colour is just all over the place, dark roots, orangey/blonde and brown through the ends. It's lifeless, dull and I hate it. But I'm too scared to have it all chopped off.

Luckily at the event we were gifted shampoo to match what was going on with our hair. I did show the girls at the event what happened with my hair and they were so shocked, I did get major hair sympathy - thanks girls!! The thickening shampoo was mine, I promise not just because it smells gorgeous, but to thicken up my lifeless hair and add some volume. The summary on the website describes this as the "Energising Body Builder" - something I try to be in the gym, but it's a fairly accurate description. The scent is like a really uplifting hit, which would be awesome if I showered in the mornings, but I don't because I like my sleep. Honestly, my hair does feel different when I use these two.. whether it looks different is another story because since I've started using these there has been so much wind around that I get volume that way! They are more money than I would like to spend on shampoo so I'm trying to use them twice a week and alternate with a cheaper alternative. 
The other weapon in my belt has been the Dove leave in conditioner and care spray. This is amazing value for money, I've had this for a couple of months now and there is barely a dent (if you can dent a liquid) in the amount in the bottle. Bought purely on recommendation from Leanne there isn't a hair wash that goes by where I don't use this. My hair is just SO SOFT after blowdrying and it's not all fluffy either. The spray gives a pretty good straightening effect, although this might be my "I need to take extra care of my hair" moment. 

Question is, what do I do now?
Leave it, cut it, trim it, dye it, lighten it, darken it, side fringe, full fringe - help!!

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  1. I did not know about the great hair disaster, I hate when hair goes wrong. I remember back when I was blonde I ended up with bright orange roots, I had school the next day (it was a long time ago but I still remember!) and my mum made me go in, I remember putting wax and god knows what through my roots to make them greasy and look darker! Nothing worse.

    I say chop it all off and start again. Sometimes you need a good chop to get it going again.

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  2. Given your hair disaster, i'd tread carefully haha... is your hair the same as the first photo?

    Either way I'd probably have a bit of a trim and leave it, just concentrate on thickening and improving the condition of your hair. My hair has been the same colour for about 4 years now and i've been growing it for about the same length of time and i love it, i wouldn't ever change it now but it is a bit dry and damaged from straightening/colouring x