Jica Lash Extension Treatment: Review

Saturday, 28 March 2015

I've worn false lashes once in my life and that was when I was bridesmaid for my best friends wedding. As you can probably guess from that being the only day I've worn them - it didn't go well. I felt like I had huge pieces of paper hanging off my face and these were natural lashes so not even the thickest ones you can buy. I'm fairly lucky in that I feel my lashes are quite long and can hold a curl pretty well, I just crave a little thickness on the hair rather than having to apply so many coats of mascara. 

When I was contacted and asked to give the Jica Lash Extension Treatment* a go I have to admit, I was in two minds about it. The thought of putting lots of little hairs on my eyelashes made me feel a little... uneasy I think is the right word. I had all sorts of images of the hairs getting in my eyes etc. I put that to one side and decided to give them a go. 

You need to be careful when opening the bottle, I did it a little too enthusiastically and as you can see from the photo all the fibers ended up on my table, which did make for a good photo but I couldn't help but think of the waste that this created. 

Over the past few weeks I have been using the Jica treatment and above is my favourite way to wear it. I apply my mascara of choice and stop once all the lashes are covered, there is no need for a second coat at this stage. I then lightly apply the Jica lash extension treatment so that there is a light covering on my lashes. The trick is to not apply too much here. If you think about it the lashes will only stick where there is wet mascara so there is no point in layering up the treatment. If you do want more than one layer you will need to repeat the mascara process. I wait for this to dry and then lightly apply another coat of mascara. 

There are a few tips that I have learnt over the past couple of weeks:

  •  Do one eye at a time otherwise the mascara dries too quickly and the treatment doesn't stick properly.
  • If you want a bigger curl to your lashes curl before the treatment goes on, otherwise you end up with clumps. 
  • Don't rub your eyes - a bit of a no brainer if you wear eye makeup anyway, but this isn't something I will wear in the height of hayfever season. 
  • Have a mascara that you don't mind getting fibers on. Even when you are so patient and wait for everything to dry, there is a chance that you will get some fibers on your mascara. 
Have you ever used something like this?
An "at home" alternative to eyelash extensions?



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