LUSH Mask of Magnaminty

Monday, 9 March 2015
 I know I am very lucky in the facial skin situation, HA that sounds like I'm saying I'm blessed with looks. I'm not. But I don't suffer from spots, at all. My face is unnaturally red but I can hide that with makeup and I do pretty much everyday. I get one spot a month around my chin which lets me know I have a couple of days before my period starts... keeping it real. It comes up, I pop it after days of trying not to and then I have a really annoying scar that lasts ages.

Another problem I get with my face is the really rough skin down the side and this makes my makeup sit really badly. It's almost like the KP that's on my arms and I hate it. I notice a real difference in that though when I use this mask. As mask of magnaminty is a face and body mask I like to use this on my arms too and there is a noticeable difference when I do.

My favourite thing about this mask is that it contains peppermint oil which is one of my favourite smells ever, I'm a little bit mint obsessed. There is also evening primrose seeds and aduki beans which gently exfoliate the skin without being as harsh as some of the other scrubs I've used. The way I use the mask is to gentle exfoliate for a bit and then leave the mask on for as long as I can. This is usually  around 20 minutes.

A short but sweet review, but if you have troublesome skin give this one a go.



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