Horseriding at Nolton Stables

Monday, 27 April 2015

Back in November I won Employee of the Month and my treat was 2 hours horse riding on the beach in West Wales. I managed to tie the ride in with my trip to Bluestone and chose Nolton Stables as the place to go.

We headed straight there on the Monday, taking just over 2 hours to get there from Cardiff, baring in mind I drove pretty slow. Down winding lanes into the farm I could not stop smiling. I haven't been on a horse in about 10 years but it's something that I have always loved. This probably isn't a shock to you as a fair few blog posts have been dedicated to animals. 

I was paired up with Skybear a beautiful grey horse, who looked very similar to my guinea pig Rocky in colour. He was so calm and really made me relax because as much as I wanted to hop on him and gallop into the distance - it takes a while to get back into the rhythm.

I've now caught the bug again and want to ride regularly so if anyone has any stable recommendations in the South Wales area that would be much appreciated. 

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  1. Thos horses are beautiful! I've never been horse riding but I always wanted to when I was little. Now that I'm older horses scare me a little though so I doubt that will happen.
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |