Bicester Village

Monday, 25 May 2015

Last weekend I ventured to Bicester Village for a day of being "Ladies that lunch...and shop". I'd never been before but had heard loads of great things and had huge expectations of insane bargains. What I hadn't anticipated was this huge surge of humans in such a small place.

Everywhere was jam packed and these people clearly had no sense of personal space. For example, we ventured into the Cosmetics Store and I was pretty excited - as I'm sure you can imagine. Whilst browsing the oddly coloured lipsticks I was pushed, shoved and barged out of the way by people pulling suitcases! Madness! 

Anyway, I did pick up a few things and I am so happy with my purchases. We headed into Ted Baker and their makeup bags were really discounted. I picked up this mint green offering and it was only £12, reduced from around £20 I think. 

I have always loved the idea of the leather phone cases and tablet cases and I fell in love with the Mulberry ones, however, I was due my phone upgrade at the time and knew I was upgrading to the iPhone 6 which sadly none of the shops seemed to stock case wise. (More on this later - I haven't ended up with the 6!). There was a really small leather shop called Smythson, the type of shops that when you walk past you can't help but stop to smell the leather. Inside was a lovely display of matching pouches in grey, orange, blue, yellow and pink. And they fitted the iPhone 6!!

The grey tablet case was bought for me for my birthday and I bought the phone cover with birthday money. I love my matching set and actually am really glad I invested in some good pieces to look back on and say "I had these for my 25th birthday"... now to figure out how I can get that £3,000 Chloe handbag.....




  1. I so want to visit Bicester village one day. My bank balance will not be happy that day.
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

  2. The first couple of times I visited Bicester it was amazing....but my last trip a year or so ago was a complete let down. I agree, people have no concept of personal space and I'd never go shopping with a suitcase?! x

    Lorna // Scared Toast

  3. Love the orange and grey of the cases! I recently ventured there for the first time and couldn't believe how busy it was. I definitely think it'll be the place to visit on a rainy winter weekday in the hope of it being a little quieter! I did get a bargain in Kate Spade so left pretty happy! M xx