Sunday, 17 May 2015

Things have been a little quiet around here of late and I will be completely honest, I have toyed with the idea of packing in blogging, not so much delete and disappear, but to just not post/film for either forever or for not a long time. I've lost all enjoyment of blogging and even reading blogs to be honest. Without getting on my soap box, we all know blogging has changed and I miss just sitting and typing about what I've been doing. So, that's what I've decided to do. My blog is now my diary again.

Every weekend I am still at Cardiff Dogs Home where I am spending time with gorgeous woofers like Chuck above. He's deaf, huge but oh so amazing. Long shot but if you are looking for a new dog, PLEASE head to Cardiff Dogs Home, all dogs big and small there! Google "friends of the dogs Wales" for the full selection.

I've made the switch to de-cafe coffee. Pretty bold statement from someone who was drinking up to 6/7 coffees a day, especially with the nespresso machine in work. I was recently back and forth the doctors with a possible heart condition and leaving caffeine behind was decided after having to have an ECG. It's not been as hard as I thought, but I was finding not having a coffee a real struggle. Peppermint tea just wasn't cutting it so ended up having a rant in Morrisons about the price of de-cafe coffee and purchasing the biggest pot I could find. 

I've finally opened one of the Lush gift boxes that I received for Christmas. I actually liked waiting, felt like I was opening the present all over again! Now the tough decision is which bath bomb to have this weekend. 

*New bedding klaxon* and this time from Morrisons of all places. Never once did I realise that they even stocked bedding, but this set caught my eye on a recent trip there with my Nan. It's manly enough for Matt and "pretty" enough for me, you can also flip it over and the other side has more white, which fits nicely with my obsession for light and airy decor in the flat. 

What have you been up to lately?!


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  1. Don't give up blogging! I love reading your doggy posts :)

  2. It's nice to see a post from you again, I'm so glad you decided not to pack it in!
    I hope everything is okay following your heart scare, that must have been horrible!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life Wales

  3. Ah lovely! I've felt this way too :( It sucks doesn't it. Blogging has changed so much... the very best thing you can do is just do it your way and totally ignore all the hype around blogging!


  4. I've felt the same way about blogging for a long time now... it's no longer the fun hobby it used to be for me, sadly! I still post here and there when I get the urge but that's rarely these days!