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Friday, 1 May 2015

Part of preparing for my long motorway drive to Bluestone was to get some practice in by driving a short distance on the motorway to Brigend. It's only about 20 minutes but for me it was enough to get me used to zooming along at speeds I'd never reached before. 

Anyway, aside from being really happy that I acoomplished something that was so huge for me, I was also really happy to discover a new beauty outlet shop. I say new, I haven't been to the Brigend Designer Outlet fora good couple of years so it might not be all that new. 

Despite Matt's look on his face when he realised where I was dragging him in to, we spent a good 30 minutes in there. Well, that's not that long, but considering the shop isn't all that big - it was enough to lap it three times. 

The shop was full of hidden gems, I just didn't need anymore makeup. Ideally I would have splurged on the W7 eyeshadow pallettes - except I have so many and lipsticks - but again I have so many already. I left with two items a white nail polish and the above brush. 

I've not seen a brush like the above much before, although I'm sure it's just me being behind the times and I've completly missed the trend! Anyway, the bottom line was, the brush wasn't that expensive, it looked soft and I figured the shape would make it good to use. (Wow, top notch beauty blogger right here!)

I pondered for a while on what to actually use the brush for because of its unusual shape. It's too awkward to use for blusher and I don't think I would have the paitence to use it for a bronzer. I settled on using it for foundation and to help buff in concealer on the contours of my face. 
I don't aply my foundation with this brush, for that I use my Real Techniques buffing brush and then buff in further with the W7 brush. I have found that as my Real Techniques brush has got older the finish it leaves me with just isn't great anymore, despite furiously cleaning and drying. 

W7 isn't a brand that I have really dabbled in much, anything I am missing out on?

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