The incredible face mask by MayBeauty

Sunday, 28 June 2015

You know those nose strips where when you peel them off you can see all the rubbish that's been in your nose? Yeah, with me? Well, welcome to the face mask version of this.

The May Beauty Incredible Facemask is one of those "it's gross but I can't stop looking at masks", seriously the amount of rubbish that came out of my skin was insane. Last week was my "approaching that time of the month" week and my skin was looking awful. There was no denying it and even makeup was looking really awful.

The worst area of my face was my chin and that's when I always know when I'm going to come on because I get a minimum of two huge spots that last around 4-5 days. The mask itself is jet black and feels so thick when you smear it on your face. It's really thick which is nice because I have had facemasks that I've put on, gone to sat down to chill out and then they drip all over me!

After about 30 minutes I peeled off the mask and so much rubbish came out with it - GROSS! Very easy to peel though and didn't leave any annoying little bits that I had to wash off myself.

Luckily I have a few samples of this so I plan to keep these and use them once a month, especially as my spots only hung around for 2 days which is better than 4!

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Monday, 22 June 2015

I know I recently posted about giving my nails a break from shellac and various gels, however, I spotted Sensational in Boots a while back for 50% off and I decided to stock up. I already had the UV lamp so just picked up the top/base coat, colour and a glitter. 

I'm not going to go through "how to" gel nails because there are a gazillion tutorials out there at the moment and mine will not come close to them, however I really recommend the sensationail kit. 

These lasted a good 10 days on my nails, which included two days at the dogs home which is heavy going on nails. I've been really impressed with them. 

There's nothing better than a bunch of flowers...

Saturday, 20 June 2015

There's nothing better than a flower delivery to work? Am I right? Well I was lucky enough to have this gorgeous bunch* arrive at my office this week.  I must admit that it did feel kinda special even if they were almost a "to me love form me" delivery. 

They are from the summer range in Debenhams which is a selection of such beautiful flowers it was hard to choose just one bunch. I think for me it was the mixture of roses and peonies that drew me to this bunch.

They have taken pride of place on our dining room table which is the focal point of the main room in our flat and any visitors we've had have commented on the flowers. Might be something to do with the fact that they are arranged so much better than anything I could come up with. 

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Sunday, 7 June 2015
Just as I was getting into a little bit of a rut with what I was wearing, makeup and what is dotted around our flat, an email landed in my inbox challenging me to create a post all about "re-branding" myself. Clarity Travel Management challenged me to re-fresh my style and so this weekend I headed out, vouchers in hand to purchase some things that will freshen up not only me, but my flat.  I hit up many shops from supermarkets to garden centres. 
First things first, freshening up my wardrobe and for that I've gone for printed trousers. I've recently started a new role where I work and I really fancied having the smart uniform, but a uniform that shows off a bit of personality. I love the look of a crisp white shirt and then all the pattern on the skirt or trousers. Recently I have been wearing midi skirts everyday and whilst I really love that look, the whole point of this was to re-brand so change is going to happen.
 Hands up who couldn't resist buying makeup for this challenge, * raises hand*. I don't need anymore makeup at all, but I've read a lot about this lipgloss on blogs and knew it would be one that I would use lots. It's the Loreal matte lipgloss in 405 - the bigger the better. It's such a gorgeous pink and with the matte effect the colour lasts me all day. As soon as I saw the lipliner in Lip Service from Boutique I had put it in my basket, these two are the perfect lip combo.
Another raise hand question - Who killed the house plant? *raises hand*. Oops. Roses are meant to be hardy right?  I picked this little pot of roses up on a visit to Homebase. Hopefully I won't kill them, but for now they look pretty on my side cabinet.

I spied these shoes in Matalan and as a nude colour I think they would be great with my patterned trousers (and even those midi skirts which I can't see myself letting go of any time soon). The heel isn't too high, but I may turn into one of the ladies that have driving shoes in their car. 

I guess from my earlier comments about house plants and them not surviving in my flat, you can see why I love Cacti. The white pots and Cacti are from Homebase and were a really cheap way to re-vamp our unit in the dining room. 

Finally, this yellow vase from Wilkos which is just adorable.  

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Thursday, 4 June 2015
I think it's pretty clear from almost every post I have ever written that I love dogs. Any breed, any age - I just love them. So when Barkbeats got in touch and asked me if I wanted to review one of their boxes I jumped at the chance and I knew exactly who I was going to give the contents to. 
Barkbeats is the dog subscription box where you get a tailored box of 5 to 6 premium full size products for your pooch. You can get this based on the size of your dog, you wouldn't want a tiny toy for a big woofer..! 
You choose from a few different subscription lengths and you don't have to be tied into a contract, I think this could be my new subscription box obsession. Even though I don't own a dog, I'd certainly find one that would make the most out of the box. I would love for a company to do a small animal subscription box....
In this months box I had some really great items, firstly - A KONG TOY! They are so bloomin' expensive, great as they are pretty indestructible. All the dogs at Cardiff Dogs Home love them, especially filled and frozen. There is HUGE ones of these in the sensory garden so I know that the dogs there love these already.  
I'm hoping the dog I have in mind likes muffins because he's got one coming for him on Saturday! I might break it up and try and give it to a few dogs because it's a fair size. 
I have never heard of soup for dogs, maybe it will be kept for a dog at the home that has trouble eating - who knows! Has anyone bought their dogs soup before? 
Duck and pineapple treats will go down a treat and I'm pretty intrigued by these dog mints! 
Meet Troy, you will always have a favourite dog at the pound and he is mine. He is a gentle giant and is amazing on lead, he was slowly and has been the most relaxed walk I have ever had. He has my heart and now will have my Barkbeat box. I'll be seeing him Saturday so look out for an update.



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