Thursday, 4 June 2015
I think it's pretty clear from almost every post I have ever written that I love dogs. Any breed, any age - I just love them. So when Barkbeats got in touch and asked me if I wanted to review one of their boxes I jumped at the chance and I knew exactly who I was going to give the contents to. 
Barkbeats is the dog subscription box where you get a tailored box of 5 to 6 premium full size products for your pooch. You can get this based on the size of your dog, you wouldn't want a tiny toy for a big woofer..! 
You choose from a few different subscription lengths and you don't have to be tied into a contract, I think this could be my new subscription box obsession. Even though I don't own a dog, I'd certainly find one that would make the most out of the box. I would love for a company to do a small animal subscription box....
In this months box I had some really great items, firstly - A KONG TOY! They are so bloomin' expensive, great as they are pretty indestructible. All the dogs at Cardiff Dogs Home love them, especially filled and frozen. There is HUGE ones of these in the sensory garden so I know that the dogs there love these already.  
I'm hoping the dog I have in mind likes muffins because he's got one coming for him on Saturday! I might break it up and try and give it to a few dogs because it's a fair size. 
I have never heard of soup for dogs, maybe it will be kept for a dog at the home that has trouble eating - who knows! Has anyone bought their dogs soup before? 
Duck and pineapple treats will go down a treat and I'm pretty intrigued by these dog mints! 
Meet Troy, you will always have a favourite dog at the pound and he is mine. He is a gentle giant and is amazing on lead, he was slowly and has been the most relaxed walk I have ever had. He has my heart and now will have my Barkbeat box. I'll be seeing him Saturday so look out for an update.



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