Sunday, 7 June 2015
Just as I was getting into a little bit of a rut with what I was wearing, makeup and what is dotted around our flat, an email landed in my inbox challenging me to create a post all about "re-branding" myself. Clarity Travel Management challenged me to re-fresh my style and so this weekend I headed out, vouchers in hand to purchase some things that will freshen up not only me, but my flat.  I hit up many shops from supermarkets to garden centres. 
First things first, freshening up my wardrobe and for that I've gone for printed trousers. I've recently started a new role where I work and I really fancied having the smart uniform, but a uniform that shows off a bit of personality. I love the look of a crisp white shirt and then all the pattern on the skirt or trousers. Recently I have been wearing midi skirts everyday and whilst I really love that look, the whole point of this was to re-brand so change is going to happen.
 Hands up who couldn't resist buying makeup for this challenge, * raises hand*. I don't need anymore makeup at all, but I've read a lot about this lipgloss on blogs and knew it would be one that I would use lots. It's the Loreal matte lipgloss in 405 - the bigger the better. It's such a gorgeous pink and with the matte effect the colour lasts me all day. As soon as I saw the lipliner in Lip Service from Boutique I had put it in my basket, these two are the perfect lip combo.
Another raise hand question - Who killed the house plant? *raises hand*. Oops. Roses are meant to be hardy right?  I picked this little pot of roses up on a visit to Homebase. Hopefully I won't kill them, but for now they look pretty on my side cabinet.

I spied these shoes in Matalan and as a nude colour I think they would be great with my patterned trousers (and even those midi skirts which I can't see myself letting go of any time soon). The heel isn't too high, but I may turn into one of the ladies that have driving shoes in their car. 

I guess from my earlier comments about house plants and them not surviving in my flat, you can see why I love Cacti. The white pots and Cacti are from Homebase and were a really cheap way to re-vamp our unit in the dining room. 

Finally, this yellow vase from Wilkos which is just adorable.  

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  1. I was in Matalan yesterday looking for shoes just like this and couldn't find any! Darn. Love the trousers too xx

  2. I might have to steal your style and get those shoes for myself!

  3. Shoes are lovely! I got some patterned trousers from Primark recently and love them for work too.

  4. I really want to try those matte lip glosses! The print on the trousers are amazing. M xx