The incredible face mask by MayBeauty

Sunday, 28 June 2015

You know those nose strips where when you peel them off you can see all the rubbish that's been in your nose? Yeah, with me? Well, welcome to the face mask version of this.

The May Beauty Incredible Facemask is one of those "it's gross but I can't stop looking at masks", seriously the amount of rubbish that came out of my skin was insane. Last week was my "approaching that time of the month" week and my skin was looking awful. There was no denying it and even makeup was looking really awful.

The worst area of my face was my chin and that's when I always know when I'm going to come on because I get a minimum of two huge spots that last around 4-5 days. The mask itself is jet black and feels so thick when you smear it on your face. It's really thick which is nice because I have had facemasks that I've put on, gone to sat down to chill out and then they drip all over me!

After about 30 minutes I peeled off the mask and so much rubbish came out with it - GROSS! Very easy to peel though and didn't leave any annoying little bits that I had to wash off myself.

Luckily I have a few samples of this so I plan to keep these and use them once a month, especially as my spots only hung around for 2 days which is better than 4!

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