An evening with John Lewis & GHD

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Last week I couldn't wait to finish work and head to John Lewis for the GHD Platinum Styler event. John Lewis always put on a great evening and after stuffing my face and catching up with Stef and Alice we sat down to learn more about the new styler. 

I didn't think GHD could get any better, I've always used their straighteners and other brands that I've tried just haven't been up to the same standard. However, they have developed their straighteners into some sort of super incredible styling tool. The main change in these straighteners is they have increased the number of heating sensors in the plates. In the gold style straighteners which I have there is only one sensor, however the Platinum Stylers now have three sensors in each plate. This means that there is less fluctuation in the temperature which speeds up the hair styling and minimises damage to your hair. 

Sometimes my straighteners get so hot that I can't even touch the outside and with the new stylers they have solved this problem by using NASA technology on the outside of the stylers - fancy. 

We got to try out curling our hair with the stylers for ourselves, something which I am a total novice at - I always end up using curlers. My main problem is I've recently had a lot cut off my hair because it wasn't growing. Over the last three years my hair a snapped off so much that it's just got shorter and shorter so I've decided to start again. I explained my worries about looking like a poodle to Matt the stylist and he set to work creating the above look - which I love!! The biggest tips he gave were to pull the curl down with the styler and then brush the curls out - don't use your fingers... just go for it! 

I even ended up creating the curls on Stef's hair and despite being ill she still managed to look like a total babe. 

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