An evening with Paul Mitchell & New CID

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Could you ask for a better view for an evening blog event? I don't think so, just look how amazing Cardiff Bay looks like from the balcony of the St David's Hotel. We spent the evening with Paul Mitchell and their new Big Night Out sets (who I keep calling Phil Mitchell !!) and New CID where we were treated to awesome hair styles and makeup tutorials. 

Again it was a lovely time catching up with some favourite Cardiff based bloggers Stef & Alice, just look at the hairstyles we were treated to! I loved my little bow with the waterfall braids and think this will be the perfect hairstyle to wear to weddings that I have coming up next month. Who wouldn't love the biggest bow I have ever seen on Alice and Stef's flower is just perfect. 

We were so spoilt with the goodie bags too so I have loads of reviews coming up, I'm too excited over the rose gold brush! 


  1. Nice post and nice hairstyles.