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Sunday, 13 September 2015
I've read the Escentual blog ever since it was launched and even more so when I realised that they were so local to me. For a start the photography is awesome, I'm pretty fickle in that if something has a nice photo then I'm more likely to read it.. is that just me?
Since I'm going away soon I've been looking back over their really great posts about all things skincare for on holiday and SPF.
Favourites include:

Bloglovin' pretty much the go to place to go for beauty blogs, they are all categorised and the bloglovin app just makes everything so easy. I've only just started to move everything I read onto Bloglovin, I used to just have all the links book marked because you never used to be able to comment easily on bloglovin - but they fixed that.!
I follow hundreds of blogs across so many different "themes" and I love that I can guarantee something new to read whenever I log in.
 A recent new read is Grazia Daily a welcome move from picking up the magazine from a shop. I've really moved away from reading magazines and pretty much now will only buy them in the airport. There's everything covered from fashion, beauty to celebs with plenty of health articles thrown in. Luckily it's kept the same tone as the articles in the glossy pages!
Favourites include:

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