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Wednesday, 28 October 2015
No not the title of the last book we read, I just need to catch up on last months book too. 

The Good Girl - Fiona Neill

Scratch the surface of any family hard enough and you'll draw blood...No one can believe it when straight A student Romy Field finds herself at the centre of a scandal, least of all her mother Ailsa - who is also the head of her new school. Ailsa is quick to hold Romy's new boyfriend and his parents responsible for what has happened. But as mother and daughter reveal their very different version of events, a much darker truth emerges. It soon becomes apparent that Romy isn't the only member of her family harbouring secrets and her disgrace becomes the catalyst for the unravelling of all those around her. It takes a split second to make a decision that can alter the course of your life. And a lifetime to undo the consequences.

I thought I was going to really love this book, the blurb sounded exciting with the promise of dark truths and scandals. You are thrown into the scandal straight away and then the book travels back three months where you find out the events that lead up to it. If you don't want to know the who is it part of the book, then don't read the blurb!

The author has thrown in, what I think should have been "exciting twists" to the book, but to me they just annoyed me. I also had a few "oh really?!" moments where I felt the book was a little predictive. The book covers so many topics which is quite good and I am sure there are young people that can relate to the issues covered, but for me it was a little blah and I really had to force myself to pick the book back up. 

 Overall thoughts - not for me. 

The Letter - Kathryn Hughes

October was the month that I got to pick my first book club book. How scary, picking a book that three other people are committing to, not only reading, but spending their money on is a pretty daunting task. In the end I went onto the Amazon store for Kindle and picked the first book I saw for 99p that wasn't a chic lit.

"Tina Craig longs to escape her violent husband. She works all the hours God sends to save up enough money to leave him, also volunteering in a charity shop to avoid her unhappy home. Whilst going through the pockets of a second-hand suit, she comes across an old letter, the envelope firmly sealed and unfranked. Tina opens the letter and reads it - a decision that will alter the course of her life for ever...Billy Stirling knows he has been a fool, but hopes he can put things right. On 4th September 1939 he sits down to write the letter he hopes will change his future. It does - in more ways than he can ever imagine...The Letter tells the story of two women, born decades apart, whose paths are destined to cross and how one woman's devastation leads to the other's salvation."

I'll let you in on something here, I have experienced times in my life where I have witnessed my Father (who I no longer have contact with) be highly violent to not only my Mum, but also myself and my sister. Something about this book touched a memory of mine that had been locked away for many years. I knew I would relate to this book instantly, not only that, a part of me wanted to read about a story line like this to see if what I experienced had happened to someone else. I also love the idea of things you buy having a history.

I'm not just saying I really enjoyed this book because it was the one that I chose, but I did actually enjoy this book. I'm guessing this was down to me relating with some of the story lines. The idea that one letter can change so many lives past and present, I think is lovely and very much reminds me of a message in a bottle type thing. 

The book flips between the 1940's and 1970's and is split over three parts, almost like three mini books, which once you read the book you understand why the author has done this. Annoyingly you can guess the plot from about a third of the way through the book, I'm noticing this as a theme for everything I read? Is this the same for all books? 

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